How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

Beat cellulite through your diet by avoiding inflammatory foods like sugar and trans fats, reducing salt intake, and cutting out preservatives. Eat plenty of fresh foods, drink pomegranate juice, and add ginger, cinnamon, or turmeric to your meals for a spicy anti-inflammatory hit. Kick-start that circulation with a regular exercise routine. And reward yourself with a cellulite-busting massage or a relaxing hydrotherapy bath.

15 Essential Oils That Reduce Cellulite Naturally

Grapefruit essential oil reduces fat accumulation underneath the skin. It can be used with other vegetable oils. Citrus oils, rosemary oil, juniper oil, cinnamon, and geranium essential oil enhances blood circulation and helps in reducing cellulite. Fennel oil is also used in anti-cellulite massage oil. Consult doctor if you are pregnant and breastfeeding before using any of these.

How is Cellulite Different From Fat?

Cellulite is not fat but a manifestation of fat. Cellulite is often confused with subcutaneous fat, found beneath the skin on your thighs, buttocks or waist. When collagen fibers connecting subcutaneous fat to skin stretch, break or tighten, it causes a stretch-like, rippled, dimpled appearance on the skin, called cellulite. Follow a low-fat, low-calorie diet and exercise to get rid of cellulite.

An Ayurvedic Guide On How To Combat Cellulite Naturally

Ayurveda looks to restore balance of mind, emotions, body type, and lifestyle of an individual holistically. It also tackles the problem of cellulite the same manner. Cellulite, according to ayurveda is caused by vitiated meda (agni that metabolizes fat) or dhathu in skin (twak) and flesh (mamsa). It is essentially[.....]