How To Prepare For A Sprint

Warm up with jogging and dynamic stretches like deep lunges. Heavylift 10 mins before a 10-sec sprint for better muscle use and alignment. Practice plyos with sideways jumps, such as agility ladder drills, 2 days a week, and yogasanas like balasana, for strong muscles and higher speed, endurance, anaerobic capacity, and lactic acid threshold. Rest well between each exercise and cool down with a walk after each sprint.

5 Ways Running Can Help You Have Better Sex

Running even 30 mins prior to sex boosts testosterone and libido and enables faster and intense orgasms in both men and women. While it betters sexual function in men and even cures erectile dysfunction with a healthy blood flow, it makes women more sensitive to touch. Running also gives you a good body that fuels your self-confidence and desirability. Just don't go overboard and tire yourself out.

10 Workout Tips For Middle-Aged Men

Look good and feel great seems to be the mantra for modern middle-age men. Let's find out the way in which one needs to workout in order to get there.

What Is the Best Time To Run? What Science Says

Late afternoon or early evening is the best time to run as your BP, core body temperature, levels of certain hormones, joint flexibility, energy, and lung function all peak around this time and enhance your performance. The body is not primed for a morning run, but if you have health issues like high BP or depression, morning runs help more. Having said that, if you're comfortable with whatever time you run, stick to it. Don't upset your body's rhythm by changing the time.

Best Fabric For Runners

As cotton clothing causes chafing and blisters, try light, sweat-proof, and comfy technical fabrics, like nylon, for maximum mobility and to regulate your body temp. as per the weather. Compression gear boosts blood flow, reduces lactic acid buildup and muscle ache, and hastens recovery. But as both of these have a high chemical content and retain bad odor, go natural with bamboo or wood pulp.

Should You Run On Empty Stomach For Weight Loss?

Some studies have found that running on an empty stomach helps burn fat faster. When glycogen levels are low, the body produces enzymes that break down fat into free-flowing fatty acids that can be used for producing energy. On the flip side, the body may break down muscle tissue instead of fat. You may also get exhausted faster. Net-net, it might be best to run with some fuel in the tank.

Why Do We Love Running?

There is evidence to suggest that running may have been instrumental in making us quintessentially human. It is not surprising therefore, that as the ill-effects of our modern sedentary lifestyle add up, we turn to that most natural of human activities - running. Running is cost-effective, and can be done solo, anywhere. It burns calories, tones muscles, reduces stress, improves sleep and heals the body.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release is a safe and effective massage technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure to the trigger points to alleviate pain and restore movement and function within the joints and soft tissue. This therapy can be effective for a wide range of ailments including congenital vertebral abnormalities, fatigue, menstrual and pelvic pain, sports injuries.

Can Too Much Daydreaming Be Bad For You?

Daydreamers have better ability to recall and retain information. Daydreaming aids “attention cycling,” enabling someone to move between various streams of information, as they continue working on their primary task. It also fosters creativity and teaches you self-worth. Avoid being obsessed with it and understand that it is not real. Negative daydreams can cause depression.

How To Go From Skinny To Muscular Without Weights?

Focus on strength training. Start slowly. Do each exercise until you can’t perform another rep. When you can do more than 15 reps, advance to harder exercise. Do different variations aimed at same muscle group to activate growth. Best exercises to build muscle and strength are pull ups, dive bomber push ups, dips, split squats. Eat carbs and protein rich meals.

Best Ways To Burn Fat And Speed Up Your Metabolism Without Cardio

Improve your metabolism by lifting weights, putting on muscle helps burn calories. Include circuit training to your regime, this builds strength, endurance and contribute to muscle size and fat burn equally. Incorporating resistance training to cardio works the best to maximize fat burn and give you lean muscle. It's just harder than simple cardio.