7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cantaloupe

Cantaloupes or muskmelons are rich in various essential nutrients like vitamin C, A and K, potassium, B vitamins, magnesium, fiber, etc. It is known to have anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antidiabetic properties. Cantaloupe seeds are a good source of protein for vegans. Apply caution when you are pregnant; the fruit may cause food poisoning in some.

10 Alkaline Foods To Clean, Repair, And Regenerate New Cells

The foods that you eat could be acidic, alkaline or neutral, based on which the pH levels of your body keeps changing. Alkaline foods are supposed to have a host of health benefits for your body. Due to various reasons like stress, pollution, and illnesses, your body goes through a lot[.....]

6 Best And Worst Foods For Your Lungs

Can what you eat affect your lungs? It’s true. You are what you eat. Individual reactions to food vary a great deal, but here are 6 best and worst foods for your lungs. Smart food choices will help you breathe easier if you have asthma. 1. Apples People who eat[.....]

Juice Recipes For Treating Oily Skin Problems

Juice of blackberries and kiwis/carrots/cantaloupe are great for controlling oily skin. Blackberries and kiwis are good sources of vitamin A and zinc/ Carrots are rich in potassium/Cantaloupe can hydrate the skin and contain Vitamin K and E. These juices can halt excess oil production that causes acne. They can also heal blemishes caused by acne breakouts.