Breastfeeding In Public: Why You Shouldn't Shy Away And How To Do It Right

A seamless breastfeeding routine keeps your baby plied with nutrients and helps them grow better. So don’t interrupt it just because you need to step out. Your right to breastfeed in public is protected by law. Plan ahead, scout out comfortable places, and wear hassle-free clothes so you can breastfeed without missing a beat!

Why Does Your Baby Fall Asleep While Breastfeeding?

Babies typically tend to fall asleep at the breast when they’re satiated. Sometimes, this can also happen when your baby has not latched on properly. If you experience pain during nursing, that’s another sign of an improper latch. Babies who were born with a low birth weight may also be sleepier during feedings. As long as your baby is steadily gaining weight and passing stool and urine normally, there's no reason to worry.

10 Valuable Tips To Breastfeed Successfully: Everything A New Mom Should Know

Start breastfeeding within the first couple of hours after the baby’s birth. Learn how to hold your baby and help them latch on properly so your baby gets their fill and is comfortable. Use fenugreek and palm dates to improve lactation. Breastmilk, honey, and coconut oil can soothe sore nipples while a castor oil massage can prevent plugged milk ducts. And remember to take care of yourself!

Healthy Alternatives For The Mothers Who Can't Breastfeed

As a mother, you always want the very best for your little bundle of joy, in terms of their overall health. However, supporting your baby's health can be a problem if you're not able to breastfeed your kid. Fortunately, there are alternatives you can choose, like using donor milk, a homemade formula, or buying commercial products that are organic and which will kickstart your baby's health in the right manner.

Natural Ways To Increase Breast Milk

Lactating mothers often worry over the inadequacy of their breast milk supply. While this is unusual, improper feeding routines can reduce the volume of breast milk. A nursing mother should learn how to feed her baby appropriately. A balanced diet is also important to maintain a sufficient supply of breast milk. Fenugreek, alfalfa, fennel, and shatavari are galactagogues which can increase breast milk. Yoga, deep breathing, and meditation techniques can help you relax and give you the confidence to successfully breastfeed.

Best Breastfeeding Positions New Moms Must Try

If you've had a normal delivery, lie down with your baby on top, her face near your breast and legs near your thighs. If you've had C-section, place her on your chest away from the wound. Or lie down on your side with the baby facing the breast. You can even sit up, cradling the baby and supporting her head with the crook of your arm as she feeds. Different babies react differently to each hold, so try out several to find the most comfortable position.

8 Best Foods To Increase Breast Milk Naturally

Foods high in fiber like oats, barley, brown rice, beans, and calcium-rich leafy greens can increase breast milk. Fenugreek, ginger, palm dates, moringa, and alfalfa also boost milk flow. Aside from a balanced diet, Ayurveda also recommends medicinal preparations with sesame, garlic, and shatavari. As always, check with your doctor first.

Why You Should Be Eating Avocado During Pregnancy

An avocado (130 g) a day meets 30% of your folate need for a stronger spine, skull, and brain of the fetus. This high-potassium, low-sodium fruit prevents leg cramps. It also packs in good doses of phosphorus, calcium, iron, and magnesium. As it helps absorb carotenoids better, by 15.3 times, even, toss it into salads and add its oil to salsa to keep your carotenoid levels high. Avocado oleic acid also enriches breast milk.

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Can Breastfeeding Help Prevent Diabetes?

A natural process with a lifetime of benefits, breastfeeding offers a newborn a storehouse of nutrients and protective compounds. While we have always known it does wonders for the baby and mother, we now know that it can also help tackle a health condition that is increasingly prevalent - diabetes.

Does Breastfeeding Cause Sagging Breasts?

Your angel suckling your breasts for months on end can result in issues like sore nipples, but saggy breasts is not one of them. Pregnancy seems to be the real culprit. Post pregnancy, enlarged mammary glands shrink, leaving you with an aftermath of saggy breasts and stretch marks. The number of pregnancies and age affect the amount of sagging. Exercise, avoid smoking, and wear supportive bras.

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Probiotics While Breastfeeding

Probiotics increase the immuno-protective potential of breast milk helping fight Atopic Eczema and enable the infant's digestive system to mature faster, improve bowel movements and prevent constipation. They regulate good bacteria helping fight fungal infections like thrush. A healthy brain-gut connection helps prevent Autism, ADHD and mood disorders in kids.

Raspberry Leaf Tea: Best Tea For Women

Raspberry, belongs to the rose family and is often referred to as the ‘woman’s herb’ by herbalists. It has eight species, some of them being red raspberry, black raspberry, wine raspberry, blue raspberry. Both raspberry leaves and fruits are rich in citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, citrate, malate and[.....]

8 Super Foods For Breastfeeding Mothers

Ghee - Improves digestion, nourishes tissue, strengthens the immune system, Oatmeal - Increases milk production, Pomegranate - blood purifier, rich in antioxidants and a symbol of fertility, Ginger - stops uterine bleeding and increases immunity, Garlic - increases milk supply and detoxifies the body after birth, Raspberry leaf - phosphorous and vitamins.