Why Do Nipples Become Darker During Pregnancy

Darkening of the skin around your nipples (areolas) is generally one of the first signs of conceiving and is said to occur due to hormonal alterations during this period. When you are pregnant, your body makes higher levels of melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) and estrogen. These hormones impact melanin, a pigment that darkens skin, thus causing darker areolas.

12 Early Signs Of Pregnancy: What To Expect When Expecting

Light bleeding or spotting within 1–2 weeks after sex; fuller, sore or tingling breasts with dark areolas in 2 weeks; and a stronger sense of smell that may trigger nausea are some pregnancy signs. Constipation and frequent urination are other signs. Plus, no period even 4 weeks after sex, a high basal temp. since ovulation, and fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath can affirm that the baby is on board.

Does Breastfeeding Cause Sagging Breasts?

Your angel suckling your breasts for months on end can result in issues like sore nipples, but saggy breasts is not one of them. Pregnancy seems to be the real culprit. Post pregnancy, enlarged mammary glands shrink, leaving you with an aftermath of saggy breasts and stretch marks. The number of pregnancies and age affect the amount of sagging. Exercise, avoid smoking, and wear supportive bras.

Are There Natural Remedies For Fibrocystic Breasts?

Evening Primrose Oil contains essential fatty acids, that helps reduce autoimmune inflammations and pain. Moderate amounts of flaxseed oil keeps estrogen levels low and reduces the effects of fibrocystic breasts. Caffeine reduction helps alleviate breast pain. Lower dietary fat intake reduces severity of symptoms. Stop or reduce smoking.

Fungal Infection On Breast: Causes, Symptoms, And Prevention Measures

Two types of fungus - tinea versicolor and tinea corporis commonly cause breast infections. To prevent the infection, use appropriately fitting bras that are not too tight or cutting into the skin, try to ventilate the area as often as possible, Keep the area clean with a topical disinfectant, etc. A breast fungus is common and mainly arises in women with larger breasts.

How To Increase Breast Size Without Gaining Weight

Exercising regularly is the best way to size up your breasts. Grab 2 dumbbells, lie on an inclined bench set at 60 degrees. Bring the dumbbells up to shoulder height, with palms facing forward. Press them straight up in the air over your chest until they are about 1 inch apart, then slowly lower them. Apart from this a breast massage can also help.

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