Bipolar Disorder

What Are The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder?

Hyper-energetic manic episodes involve sudden irritability, overwhelming bouts of happiness, inflated self-esteem, and reckless conduct. Low-energy depressive episodes involve sudden bouts of sadness, lack of focus, loss of memory, insomnia, and suicidal thoughts. By correctly identifying symptoms and seeking prompt expert help, people with this duality can better control their lives.

Facing Up To Bipolar Disorder The Ayurveda Way - QnA With Vasavi Kumar

Vasavi Kumar is the creative author of The Way of Ayurveda: Stop Dieting Start Living and the free quiz “What’s Your Dosha.” An entrepreneur at heart, Vasavi holds dual Master’s degrees in Special Education from Hofstra University and Social Work from Columbia University and is often described as “your kick-in-the-pants[.....]

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