14 Surprising Health Benefits Of Bananas

Do you know all that bananas have to offer? These tasty fruits can fight cancer thanks to antioxidants and tumor necrosis factor. Bananas even have dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to reward and emotion. It’ll instantly boost your mood! Bananas are also high in potassium, making them ideal for improving muscle cramps, high blood pressure, and risk for kidney stones. Additionally, their phytosterols will lower blood cholesterol, while other properties heal ulcers.

8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Plantain

Plantain, an ancient medicinal herb, contains mucilage, tannins, and iridoid glycosides. It’s known for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant properties. The leaves can help with conditions like cold, cough, bronchitis, skin irritations, ulcer, and wounds. The seeds – known as psyllium – ease constipation and help manage cholesterol and blood sugar. Psyllium needs to be consumed with sufficient water as it may otherwise cause blockages in the throat or bowel.

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen

Bee pollen can fight inflammation, give you an antioxidant boost, treat iron deficiency anemia, protect your liver, fight infections, help with allergies, and improve menopausal symptoms. But it can cause severe allergic reactions and is not suitable if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

Everyone knows that bananas are a high-energy super-fruit and the numerous health benefits they provide. But, the stem of the banana plant has even more beneficial properties and helps cure various disorders. Its high fiber content cleanses our digestive system, which in turn keeps many diseases away. In India and[.....]

How Many Calories Are In A Banana And Other Banana Products?

A small banana (less than 6 inches) has 72 calories; a medium (7–8 inches) banana has 105 calories; and an extra-large (more than 9 inches) banana has 135 calories. Banana products like breads, chips, or muffins are, however, richer in calories and have low nutritional value. You can make them at home with healthy substitutes for sugar and flour. If you are diabetic or have kidney disease, go easy on ripe bananas and banana products.

Can Bananas Help You Sleep Better?

Are sleepless nights the bane of your existence? Insomnia and exhaustion are a reality for so many people. And when sleeplessness adversely impacts both health and mood, it's something worth paying attention to. Sure, medical aids exist. But a more natural answer might lie within bananas. They're rich in magnesium, zinc, tryptophan, and potassium, nutrients that are essential for the body to sleep and rest. Here's how it works.

The Effectiveness Of Bananas In Treating Diarrhea

Raw, green bananas contain pectin, a fiber that absorbs excess water from the intestines and firms up the stool, and oligofructans that nourish the good gut bacteria that aid in nutrient absorption. Bananas also restore potassium levels, help the body absorb nutrients like calcium, and restore the energy and mass lost after diarrhea, with 100 g of the fruit releasing 116 Kcal. Boil a raw, green banana and have it with salt and butter if you have loose motion.

Don't Throw Away Those Banana Peels Just Yet!

Don't toss that banana peel! This nutrient-dense part of the beloved fruit is more valuable than you think – it can heal wounds, whiten teeth, prevent minor infections, and even purify water. Next time you eat a banana, try biting into the peel too or, at least, rubbing the inside on your face. It's good for you – we promise!

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Should You Eat Bananas If You’re Diabetic?

Bananas pack a punch when it comes to fiber, vitamins and minerals. But they also carry the bane of every diabetic- carbs and sugars. The American Diabetes Association believes bananas can be good for diabetics, if eaten in moderation. Underripe bananas are recommended. Eat different fruits and distribute your banana-eating through the day so that it doesn't wreak havoc on your sugar levels.

Which Type Of Banana Is Good For Your Health?

Ripe yellow are high in natural sugars and antioxidants. They're also easily digested. Unripe green bananas are rich in nutrients, contain resistant starch, and are low in sugar. Unlike ripe bananas, they are apt for diabetics and people who want to lose weight. When had in moderation, both types are good for health.

Eat On A Banana Leaf For Healthier Immune System

Banana leaves contain a polyphenol called EGCG also found in green tea. They fight off free radicals which cause ailments like cancer and heart disease. It cleanses blood, stimulates appetite, helps digestion, aids good skin, cures ulcer, treats bladder related diseases and boosts immunity. They also contain Vitamin A, Calcium, Carotene and Citric acid.

Many Benefits Of Banana Tree: Nature's Gift For Your Health

According to Ayurveda, all the parts of the Banana tree have healing properties. The banana tree uses are listed as follows: juice of banana flowers helps during painful menstruation, juice of banana stem helps in flushing out kidney stones, banana leaves alleviate stomach disorders, banana corm reduces acidity and burning sensation. Raw and ripe fruits have separate culinary and medicinal benefits.

24 Amazing Facts Why Going Bananas Is The Healthier Way.

Bananas are elliptically shaped fruits “prepackaged” by Nature, featuring a firm, creamy flesh gift-wrapped inside a thick inedible peel and are one of the cheapest and easily available all year around. Bananas (Musa acuminata colla) botanically belong to the Musaceae family and are one of the widely cultivated crops in[.....]