Dietary Changes To Supplement An Autism Treatment

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, the condition can last for a few years or be lifelong. While medication is a must and cannot be skipped, there are a few things you can do to supplement the treatment your child receives. And one of them is making changes[.....]

5 Natural Alternative Treatments For Autism

If you have a child with autism you must be constantly searching for interventions that can help the child cope better with the world. In addition to special educational programs designed for autism, you might want to check out alternative approaches like ayurveda, yoga, music therapy. Use of vitamin, mineral supplementation have been found to help as well.

Benefits Of Dog Therapy For Anxiety, Depression, Autism, And More

Are you a dog lover? If so, you know just how friendly dogs can be. Therapy dogs, in particular, are especially sweet and affectionate. These are dogs that visit nursing homes and hospitals, offering love and affection to mentally or physically ill patients.1 It’s enough to make anyone smile! Even[.....]

Benefits Of Music Therapy In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

For children struggling with autism spectrum disorder or other forms of learning disabilities, music therapy shows promise. Studies reveal its ability to heal and support skill building in children and teens along with an improvement in social skills, attention span, and communication.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Music?

Music not only to the ears but to the brain as well? Music activates multiple regions of the brain responsible for memory, emotion, and even auditory, motor, and visual skills. A few good numbers can work wonders to relieve chronic pain (in cancer patients too), restore movement in stroke patients, calm autistic children, uplift the depressed, and stabilize blood pressure in coronary patients.

Ayurveda Remedies To Treat Autism In Children

Panchakarma treatments like Snehana and Swedana are helpful/Trikatu, a combination of ginger, long pepper and black pepper can be used to stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and promote the absorption of essential nutrients/Herbs like Brahmi, Shatavari and ayurvedic medicines like Suvarna Prashan, Chaitanoday rasa are helpful.

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