Try These Effective Ways To Treat Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain may be a common injury but that doesn't make it any less painful! Treat it by resting your ankle, applying an ice pack, using a compression wrap, and keeping your ankle elevated. Depending on the severity, some sprains may also require the use of splints or casts, and even surgery. Once the pain and swelling has subsided, rehabilitation exercises which improve the range of motion in your ankle, reduce stiffness, and restore normal strength and flexibility can help.

7 Ankle Mobility Exercises For Dorsiflexion: Video Tutorials

Untangle your nerves and warm up your hamstrings with active stretches. Develop flexibility of ankle muscles with static, passive, and isometric calf stretches. Perform eccentric heel drops and seated ankle dorsiflexion to upgrade the range and strength of your ankle joints. Do foot wave dissociations to flex your toes. Surpass your limits with banded and pistol squat ankle mobility stretches.

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