9 Daily Mistakes That Age Your Skin Faster

While aging is a natural part of life, none of us want to look old before our time. Avoiding smoking, air pollution, harsh soaps, sweet foods, and long baths can keep your skin from aging early. Also make sure you drink enough water, use a sunscreen, and moisturize regularly to keep your skin young and healthy.

9 Best Anti-Aging Foods For Younger Looking Skin

From your heart and bone health to your skin and hair, what you eat could shave a few years of your age. Juicy pomegranates, delicious blueberries, staple green spinach, fatty fish, and green golden olive oil could hold the key to a more youthful you! Get ample help from garlic, green tea, beans, and water (yes!) as well. The best bit is these are all easily available and can be easily incorporated into a delicious meal plan.

7 Causes Of Tailbone Pain (Coccydynia) You Should Know

Tailbone pain (coccydynia) occurs when the coccyx and its surrounding tissue get inflamed. It could be due to sitting for long hours, trauma due to a hard fall on the butt or injury in contact sports, or repeated strain caused by cycling or rowing. Overweight, childbirth, and old age-related osteoarthritis are other reasons. Rarely, infections or cancer that has spread from other areas may be a cause too.

How To Look And Stay Younger: Tips For Youthful Skin

Taking good care of your skin is an important step in diminishing the signs of aging. Your preventive measures should strengthen the collagen, fight free radicals, and prevent UV exposure as they have a significant role in aging. Adopt healthy eating patterns to fight poor nutrition, that may induce skin aging. Use sunscreen to protect your skin from chronic sun exposure.

An Age By Age Guide On How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

Before your child is 2 years old, teach the proper names for genitals. From 3 to 5, talk about where babies come from and talk about consent, respect, and privacy. Prepare your child for puberty during ages 6 to 9, so it’ll be less scary for them. Both boys and girls should know about periods and safe sex. From 10 to 13, have open discussions about changing bodies and feelings. Come teen years, talk about feelings in relation to sex.

Genetic And Environmental Causes Of Parkinson's Disease

The direct cause of Parkinson’s disease is not yet known. Scientists have accumulated a pool of potential risk factors – lifestyle and environmental – to decipher this mysterious neurodegenerative disorder. Genetics and factors like age, gender, pesticide and metal exposure, and head injuries seem to play a cooperative role in bringing about PD. Interestingly, gut bacteria may have something to do with PD as well.

What Is The Average Jogging Speed?

Jogging is a great way to burn calories and can increase your life expectancy by 5 to 6 years. But getting the pace right is key for optimal results. Avoid the temptation to break into a near run at 6 mph. Instead, aim to hit health highs by sticking to a comfortable 4 mph-5 mph pace. Light jogging may actually be better for health than moderate or strenuous jogging.

9 Excellent Health Benefits Of Jogging You Didn't Know

Jogging is an easy-to-do exercise that can help you meet your weekly target of 150 mins of physical activity. Besides burning off 240 cal or more, losing belly fat, you could see other benefits too. Research suggests you could improve your lipid profile, reduce risk of hypertension, ward off aging of your brain, and see better heart health, joint health, and immune function.

These 10 Super Foods Are An Answer To Your Anti-Aging Concerns

Super foods for super amazing skin. Yes, you can eat certain foods and forget your worries about your skin issues. Who knew getting beautiful skin would be as easy as munching these: 1. Goji Berries These berries are extremely rich in nutrients, and are grown throughout Asia. Goji berries can[.....]

9 Daily Mistakes That Age You Faster

Age is what we make and our feelings about growing old is how we feel on the inside, but not outside. Whether you are scared of aging or welcome it smilingly, there are many ways to keep your body healthy and your spirit feeling young. Here are 9 mistakes you might be making that are the culprits in making you age more quickly.

Top 6 Anti-Aging Oils For A Younger Skin

Here are 6 natural anti-aging oils to be included in your skin-care regimen; to get rid of age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and other common signs of skin aging.

10 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30

Let’s face it! Everyone ages as time passes. Nothing can really turn back the clock- neither denial nor plastic surgery. Just like your choices of clothing, hair styling, entertainment, or even people change as you mature, so should your dietary preferences. No matter how passionately you love certain foods, your[.....]

Look Young And Vibrant With Anti-Aging Benefits Of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has strong anti-oxidants that helps keep the skin smooth, moisturized, and free from wrinkles. The free radicals also protects skin from UV damage. It improves memory in dementia patients by delaying damage of brain cells responsible for memory and learning. It also has anti-convulsant properties that reduce seizures.