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7 Super Benefits Of Practicing Yoga And Meditation Daily

7 Super Benefits Of Practicing Yoga And Meditation Daily

7 Super Benefits Of Practicing Yoga And Meditation Daily

Practicing yoga and meditation can make you feel better, it de-stresses your mind and body and elevates the feelings of inner peace, happiness and contentment. Yoga also increases one's energy levels, strengthens the body, and improves relationships. Moreover, it also balances your mood, along with physical and mental status.

I have made health and happiness a life long study. Being raised in foster homes, experiencing 4 major car accidents and facing some of the greatest challenges humanly possible at a young age, I was motivated very early on to find solutions to alleviate pain and suffering.

One thing I realized over the years is that all humans have 3 basic desires in common: to be happy, healthy and to give/receive love. These life aspirations may sound simple, but if they are so simple, why are so many not living life filled with joy and radiant health? Well, from my research I have found that it comes down to our daily habits and state of mind. And from over 3 decades of practice, I have come to realize its really not as complicated as we make it out to be.

So I have come up with a short list to share with you, that can help you attain health and happiness in your life. Feel free to pass this along to your friends as well. The more happy healthy people in the world, the better for us all, right?

7 Benefits Of A Daily Yoga And Meditation Practice

Reduce Stress

Did you know that stress is the leading cause of death, as a precursor for all sickness and disease in humans? Yes, its true that much of our health is affected by our environment and what we eat as well, but most impactful is how we feel. When we practice yoga and meditation, we learn to manage and calm our central nervous system with breath, movement and relaxation techniques. This can not only prevent illness, but can also remedy all other ailments that you may be currently facing as well.

Improve Your Mood

With just one yoga class or meditation session, you can begin to feel the benefits, resulting in elevated feelings of inner peace, happiness and contentment, called Santosha in yoga.

Increase Energy Levels Naturally

In your busy life, you may be pushing yourself to the max to get everything done each day. In this fast paced society, you are bombarded with information overload every where you go. This can take a toll on your energy, leaving you feeling depleted and fatigued. With consistency, yoga, meditation and healthy eating will create a noticeable shift in your energy, leaving you feeling positive and uplifted after each session.

Strengthen, Move, Balance and Stretch Your Body

If you are like most people, you could use some practice improving your balance. Balance in the body also translates to balance in your mind, emotions and the rest of your life. Additionally, the combination of postures taught in yoga are scientifically proven to strengthen and stretch you to a level of fitness you can only imagine is available for you. This improves your blood circulation, lung capacity, heart rate, blood pressure and all other bodily functions are improved with this practice.

Improve Your Relationships

When you practice yoga and meditation, you learn to become a more compassionate and understanding person. This gift is not only for yourself, you must apply this to all of your relationships. When speaking or connecting with yourself or others, always consider the kindest and most gentle way to express what you feel in an uplifting way. This will dramatically impact all of your relationships, especially your relationship with yourself.

Be Present/ Master Your Mind

When you live in the present moment, instead of dwelling on the past or being anxious or fearful about the future, your entire life can transform from stress and worry to happiness and joy. That is the power of the Now. Yoga and meditation are both powerful practices that teach you how to access this level of focus and presence, which will impact every aspect of your life both on and off the mat.

Release Physical And Emotional Pain From Your Body

If you are like most people, you may have some aches and pains in your body. Whether it is from a physical trauma or accident, a habitual lifestyle pattern or left over from the residual effects of an old experience, yoga and meditation can help you to heal more rapidly and release the feeling of pain and injury from your body. With consistency and dedication, all of your pain can heal and dissolve. It is possible to heal anything and to feel great all of the time! But you must practice regularly to see the most rapid results.

So there you have it. Now consider this, if you are not currently practicing yoga and meditation regularly, when is a better time to start than now? I know it is not easy to set a new habit, but making yoga and meditation a daily habit is what will bring you the results you seek.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." ~ Aristotle Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality in life. What you think you become. Through the power of the mind, creative visualization, meditation, yoga, healing and holistic lifestyle practices, I teach people how to create the life of their dreams. This starts with getting clear, healthy, fit, balanced and becoming whole. Self love and self acceptance are fundamental, letting go of the past and living in the present are essential.

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