Su-Jok: Pain Relief through Hand Acupuncture

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In a modern world like ours, we are prone to a variety of ailments, because we have drifted far away from our priority of respecting the piousness of our body, mind and soul. As we grow busier and busier, our chairs become more and more uncomfortable, and our body goes through unwanted strain and stress.

Pain Inducers

Wrapped in this stressful veil of work hours, mortgages, debts and worries, we have the tendency to ignore the most important thing of all: our physical and spiritual health. When stress manifests itself physically, we experience pain, inflammations or dysfunctions. Our bones are tired, our muscles are tense, and our blood doesn’t quite circulate as good. And then, our heads hurt, and our necks feel odd. We are a machine in urgent and constant need of service and repair.

We turn to modern, conventional medicine to rid us of our aches and pains. We tell our doctors where it hurts, the doctor, being a busy man, in a poorly organized system, gives you something for your pain (but not the cause of your pain), and then he sends you home. After a cyclic set of iterations you suddenly find yourself trying to cope up with not just the pain but the other side effects that the medications dumped on you along the way.

Alternate Curative Methods

Alternative practices, such as meditation, acupuncture, Yoga are available to everyone, and are fairly very well known for their success rate, and have almost no side effects. One of these alternative treatment methods is the science of Su Jok. Considering the treatment targets acu-points on your hands, you can label this as a compact form of acupressure.

Su Jok literally stands for “hands and feet” – it is an easy way to combat pain, and it only requires your ability to feel pain, and something to help you push through those points in your hand and feet that correspond to a affected part of your body.

Watch this interesting video which simplifies the wonderful Medical Science called Su-Jok: