Stimulate Your Nerves With Onion And Garlic

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Your sole has over 7,000 nerve endings and is a vital channel to stimulate your nerves. Cut onion or garlic slices and put them into your socks under your sole while sleeping. As they are air purifiers they remove any bacteria and also the Phosphoric acid enters the blood stream and helps purify blood. Don't reuse the slices as they hold onto the dirt they accumulate.

Meridians are direct pathways to different organs in the body. Although many claim that these don’t exist, Chinese medicine practitioners strongly believe that these meridians are nothing but the nervous system. When it comes to nerve endings, your sole tops the list with over 7,000 nerve endings. Stimulating these nerves regularly has several health benefits but is hard to do as out feet are always under stress and its not very convenient to stop walking during a regular day. Here’s a trick that is both natural and effective. Just cut a slice of Onion or Garlic and slip it inside your socks, positioning it under your feet while you sleep. They are both air purifiers and when applied on the skin kill germs and odor. Also the¬†Phosphoric acid ¬†it contains enters our bloodstream and helps purify blood. Remember not to reuse these onion slices as they collect and store germs or bacteria.