7 Signs Your Wife Is Totally Fed Up With You

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A relationship breakup does not happen overnight. There are always warning signs, some subtle and some not so subtle ones before it occurs. But many of us take our partners for granted and we ignore these signs of dissatisfaction or unhappiness that they give off. It is indeed tricky to understand these warning behavioral changes in your wife if you are not aware of it. Here are a few telltale indicators, which show your wife is totally fed up with you.

1. She Is Suddenly Distant

She Is Suddenly Distant

Your wife may have been secretly harboring annoyance against you for a long time. When it reaches a tipping point, she decides to turn her back on the marriage. Out of frustration, she may decide to keep a distance from you. You may feel that she is no more approachable or the old loving wife just transformed into a cold-hearted woman.

2. Your Wife Remains Silent

Your Wife Remains Silent

Did your wife stop nagging you? Did she stop questioning you? The silent treatment she’s doling out to you may make your days happy and peaceful. However, it’s a red flag. It is her way of saying, “I don’t want to talk about anything because I know it does not work.” If she is unwilling to talk about your marriage, then it’s time for you to make a sincere move to address her bitterness.

3. She Does Not Spend Time With You

She Does Not Spend Time With You

Remember those days when both of you were fascinated by each other? Hanging out together is important for a happy relationship. If that does not happen often, then your wife may become a lone wolf. And gradually the distance between you grows. Ultimately, any talks between you guys will be limited to kids matters and household logistics. Your conversation will not go beyond that. It is a warning sign for you to refocus on your bonding.

4. She Always Has Different Plans

She Always Has Different Plans

On weekends or on holidays, your wife may choose her friends over you. When you have made plans for a lovely vacation, she will be least interested. We all have individual interests. Agreed. But, if she tries not to become part of your plans continuously, then she sends out a message. Also, if she lets you go out with whomever and do whatever you want, beware!

5. She Is Not Interested In Sex

She Is Not Interested In Sex

A lack of physical intimacy, as you may already know, is not a good sign. When you try to snuggle up to her, you may get a dispassionate response. However, don’t force her for sex. It will further damage your marriage.

6. She Does Not Respect You

She Does Not Respect You

Does she often make remarks at your expense? Does she mock and ridicule you? All of a sudden, if she begins to point out brutal truths about you in front of your friends and family, something is wrong. Constantly disrespecting you, especially in public, is not a joke. This tactic to insult you and make you feel inferior should be taken seriously.

7. She Takes Forever To Respond

She Takes Forever To Respond

If your wife takes time to respond to your messages, it shows that she is not thrilled with the relationship anymore. She has no interest in being part of the conversation. And you should start worrying about it.

Well, if you have noticed any of these signs, don’t panic. As we said, these are warning signs. It does not mean that your relationship has reached the end. These are wake-up calls for you to do better. Instead of worrying, step up and consider mending the relationship you share with your wife before it’s too late.

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