Secret To Shedding The Hard-To-Melt Last Pounds

Shed Your Weight Faster

Shed Your Weight Faster

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Giving in to cravings and poor stress management aid your body to store fat. Indulge in dry brushing and regular exercise, the skin helps push out toxins. Go organic and keep the ingredients simple with minimal salt or sugar. Reduce dependence on processed foods and chemicals. Go in for cosmetics that are derived of essential oils.

Why do some people seem to eat right, exercise religiously, and yet struggle with the last 5 to 10 pounds? If you wondering how to shed the last 10 pounds, you’ll want to review these three factors that cause your body to hold onto weight.

Factors That Cause Your Body To Hold Onto Weight

Tips On Shedding Pounds Faster


If you go for the whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s at 10pm, it doesn’t matter that you have been eating lettuce all day! Before you sabotage your whole day, remember this single best tip to beat cravings. Stay hydrated. The sensation of thirst and dehydration is often mistaken by your body as hunger. Grab a glass of water, and wait 10 – 15 minutes, before you go for food. Often times this does the trick and your craving will subside. Need some inspiration to make water more exciting? Try these delicious water infusions.

Waste = Weight

You retain weight when your body holds onto metabolic waste, fluid, and toxins. Your body retains fat to protect itself from fat-soluble toxins. Until you let the toxins go, your body will not release the fat. You want to help your body get the existing toxins out, while reducing the amount of environmental toxins that you put into your body.

Stress Management

When we are stressed, our body produces the stress hormone cortisol, which packs a triple whammy. Cortisol slows metabolism, affects blood sugar level, interferes with insulin secretion, increases fat storage – especially around the mid-section, and promotes cravings for fatty, salty and sugary foods. Plus, if you are stressed, you can’t relax and get the rest you need, which further spikes cortisol production – creating a vicious cycle.

The good news is you have the tools to correct all this. It will take time and consistency, but with patience you should see results.

To help you along your path, I have put together 5 tips to help you to reduce your toxic load. Try to implement at least 3 out of the 5 on a daily basis. Adding these, in addition to staying hydrated and reducing stress, will help you to reach your weight loss goals.

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5 Tips to Reduce Your Toxic Load

1. Use herbs that support your detox organs – liver, kidney and colon. Milk thistle and dandelion are excellent. I personally enjoy a tea made by the brand Yogi called “Detox”.  All herbs are already expertly combined for you.

2. Encourage elimination through skin, your largest organ for elimination. Sweating and dry skin brushing will yield you the best results.

3. Buy and eat organic food as much as possible – learn about the Dirty Dozen list and try to shop organic for these fruits and vegetables.

4. Reduce processed and packaged foods, which are loaded with chemicals.

5. Replace household and personal products containing a lot of chemicals with those made with natural ingredients. Essential Oils can help.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Janelle Casella

Janelle is a Certified Health Coach helping women get nourished from the inside out with food and wellness tips that work. Janelle is based north of Boston but helps clients nationwide via phone, skype, and online programs. Janelle helps busy women restore health naturally for increased mental clarity, improved sleep, better digestion, management of autoimmune issues and natural weight loss. Janelle graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and teaches Nutrition courses at the New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts. Her education and experience has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health. Her signature Nourish 21 online program is a crash course in nutrition that helps folks navigate through all of the contradictory nutritional information available while teaching the overlapping truths. To learn more about her work and her available programs please visit

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