5 Common Beliefs About Sagging Breasts - Facts or Myths?

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Breasts droop as you get older as the collagen and elastin in breasts breakdown. Bras can reduce breast drooping but can't defy age, it actually weakens connective tissue and aids sagging. Breasts don't have muscles so push-ups can only give structure to the surrounding pectoral area. Breastfeeding doesn't cause sagging, weight gain during pregnancy does.

1. Your Breasts Droop as you get Older: Yes, like most tissues in the body, the ones around the breasts also contain collagen and elastin that break down as we age. This loss of rigidity is also supported by menopause when dense glandular tissue is replaced by fat.

2. Wearing A Bra Prevents Sagging: Not true. Bras can reduce the droop but can’t defy gravity and age. Breasts will sag with time and studies say that wearing a bra can actually weaken connective tissue than strengthen it.

3. The Right Exercises can Give Shape: Not true as breasts are made of fat and not muscle. But push-ups can give structure to the surrounding pectoral area.

4. Breastfeeding causes Sagging: False. Sagging is triggered during pregnancy as weight gain during pregnancy causes stretching of ligaments around the region. To avoid this go in for a healthy diet and keep a track of calorie intake.

5. Smoking/ Sunbathing affects Appearance: This is true as both these habits breakdown the skin’s collagen.

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