Role Of A Father In Child Development

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With nature's ability to give birth to and nurse the baby, mothers have always had the upper hand in bringing up the child. Fathers play an equally important role. A good father-child relationship ensures, better cognitive behaviours, less disruptive deeds, good problem solving/analytical skills, builds pathway to future relationships, removes gender bias, and makes the child self-sustainable.

The role of a father in bringing up a child is as important as that of the mother’s. Due to their innate ability of care-giving, and sharing the physical bond with the child even before the birth, mothers have always had an upper hand in nurturing the child. But various researches have shown that the relationship of a father with the child greatly impacts the behavior, intellect, and various courses of action of the child from birth to death.

Below are some of the reasons why a father plays a crucial role in the overall development of the child.

1. Spending Quality Time Reduces Disruptive Behavior


Studies have shown that when a father spends more quality time with the child during the first year, the child is unlikely to show any negative or disruptive behaviors during the second year.

2. Good Bonding Enhances Cognitive Competence


A positive father-child bond increases the intellectual capabilities of the child. Researches have shown that when the father interacts with the child in a way being observant of the child’s behavior and respective needs, the child is more likely to be good at curricular and extra-curricular activities. On the contrary, a negative and irresponsible interaction with the child can result in the child dropping out of the school.

3. Developing Good Rapport Improves Problem-Solving Skills


A good relationship instills better problem-solving skills in the child. The child also would not have issues adapting to a new environment or major changes in the further course of time.

4. Good Nurturing Decreases Emotional And Behavioral Issues


Children with good father are less likely to develop issues associated with depression, aggression, frustration, and low self-esteem. They also hardly adapt to substance abuse problems, like alcohol or drugs, thereby reducing the health risks greatly.

5. Treating Child Well Leads A Pathway To Future Relationships


The way the father treats the mother and the child greatly influences the future relationship patterns of the child. A girl will look for a man having the qualities similar to those of her father’s. Thus, if the father is jovial, caring, sensible, and kind, she would find a man with these qualities apt. Boys tend to imitate and inculcate their father’s behavior. Therefore, the gentle, kind, and caring behavior of a father will take his son a long way!

6. An Earliest Strong Bond Leads To More Stability Of Child


The earliest bonding that happens with the child impacts the way the child gets settled in its life. Better the bond, greater the stability, since it erases the insecurities. Children become self-sustaining and resilient.

7. Father Doing Household Chores Helps Overcome Gender Bias


With changing times, around 60% of the women work, as against the past, where women were bound to household chores. This, in most of the cases, leads to sharing of responsibilities of the household, babysitting, and finances between the father and the mother. This in turn lays a positive foundation in the child, where there is no room for gender bias.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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