Why To Have Lime Water With Workouts

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Nature is the doctor for all living creatures. All natural fruits and vegetables are a form of medicine for one ailment or the other. One such wonder cure is lime.

The Advantages Of Having Lime Juice

  • The juice squeezed out of a lime is a potent anti-toxin that cleanses and purifies the digestive system and blood.
  • It is also loaded with antioxidants that invigorate and energize the bodily functions.
  • Nutritionists advice consumption of fresh lime water every morning to get rid of cancer, blood pressure, urinary tract problems, and so on.

Lime juice has been a natural thirst-quencher for ages and is an essential element in a healthy diet. A slice of lemon with lukewarm water is always good for a person trying to lose weight. But if you are a workout person, then you might need to consume it differently.

When To Have Lime Juice

Strenuous exercise exerts your tissues, muscles, and organs, and sweating releases vital body fluids. Drinking lime water after your workout helps replenish your body and prevent dehydration.

Most trainers advice keeping a couple of slices of lime in your water bottle to keep sipping throughout the day. This concoction is almost a must. You will have to increase the quantity during the hot and humid summer season.

How Does Lime Help?

Apart from replenishing your body with fluids, lime water helps in multiple ways. Intense exercises create an acidic environment in your body. If you don’t neutralize the acid with what you eat, your body will use the calcium from your bones and nitrogen from your muscle tissue to neutralize it. Lemons and limes have a neutralizing effect on your body as they are considered alkaline, even if they are acidic in nature.

Lime water helps cover up for lost fluids in case you do moderate-intensity exercises for less than 60 mins. If your regimen extends beyond the one-hour mark and includes high-intensity workouts, then the lime juice should be supported with other energy drinks.