A Relationship Is So Much More Than External Beauty And Physical Attraction

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Do you believe in love at first sight? If you do, then it’s high time you reconsidered what you believe to be the base of a strong relationship is. Because, believe it or not, beauty is definitely not what drives a relationship forward. True, that having a a good-looking partner is gonna ease a lot of things on a short run; but looks are perishable, everyone grows old.

1. Which Tops Your Relationship: Physical Or Emotional Attraction?


How does physical attraction vary from emotional attraction, and what is the importance of each when you are in love? Love can happen to you mainly in two ways—the first scenario is when you feel physically attracted to a person, get to know them, and then fall in love. In the second scenario, you will initially feel the emotional connection, which would then make a person look more desirable to you. Though love is involved in both the cases, the relationships that start out with strong emotional bonds are more likely to last than the ones that begin in the name of lust. Of course there will be exceptions, but emotional understanding and mental bonding can sustain love better than a perfect figure or a beautiful face.

2. Mature Relationships Go Much Beyond Physical Factors


Loving a person for their looks is not very different from loving them for their money or fame—it is just the wrong thing to do. If your partner’s beauty is just skin deep, then you better make a run for it before things get out of hand. There are numerous other factors that are necessary to keep a person happy in life- kindness, compassion, intelligence, empathy, the willingness to listen, the courage to accept one’s own mistakes, the love for fun and adventure, impulsiveness, courage, a heart big enough to love someone with all their imperfections- all these are things humans need more in life than flawless skin, shiny hair, size-zero waists and six-packs. It’s okay fall for somebody’s looks, but it is also important that all the other factors trickle in and overshadow the physical aspects over time. When this happens, you will know you have crossed over to a real, mature relationship.

3. Looks Wither Away While Character Grows As One Ages


Let’s just face it, if your lover doesn’t have a desirable personality, you are bound to get tired of him/her after a point of time. Just because a person is very beautiful doesn’t mean they are perfect. It’s more important to look into their souls rather than into their eyes, to listen to what their hearts have to say than their voices, to fall in love with their minds instead of their bodies.

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