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Can Reiki Heal Deep Rooted Suffering And Pain?

Reiki Cure And Heal Deep Suffering And Pain

Reiki Cure And Heal Deep Suffering And Pain

Reiki is a safe and gentle way to treat illness and overcome suffering. But it cannot be a quick-fix. It can take 1 or many sessions to heal. Sometimes, what you seek to heal and what you need to address to help you heal may be different. The extent to which healing occurs has a lot to do with the recognition of your natural capacity for self-healing.

My website’s name is Reiki cure and I chose this name for my website due to a few reasons. One, I noticed that a lot of people are looking for a cure for all kinds of diseases and ailments through Reiki. Google the words and you’ll find “Reiki cures headaches”, “Reiki cure for anxiety”, “Can Reiki cure my depression?” and the word “cure” alongside almost any problem you can think of.

I share the vision of Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki from Japan to The West. I also wish for Reiki to become as common as aspirin. I decided to use “Reiki cure” as a way to reach as many people as possible to spread awareness of Reiki as a safe and gentle way to treat illness and overcome suffering.

Reiki As A Cure Or Healing?

I actually don’t think of Reiki as a cure. I hoped the word would get people thinking about what it means to cure versus what it means to heal. Sure, sometimes a headache disappears after a Reiki session, but Reiki doesn’t work like aspirin.

Reiki activates our natural healing mechanisms and our bodies know how to take in and distribute it to re-balance our systems. Sometimes a single session is all that is needed to bring about balance but often it isn’t and Reiki alone is sometimes not enough. I prefer to think of Reiki as a supportive healing therapy rather than a cure.

Reiki: Long-Term Healing Vs Quick Fix

Often people who are suffering are hoping for an on-off cure, a quick fix, to end their misery but we are understanding more and more that we are holistic beings with many layers. This means we need an approach to healing that is holistic like us. Now in many ways Reiki treatment itself is holistic in that it treats the whole person and not just symptoms, but to go for a Reiki session expecting to be totally cured is mostly unrealistic.

We can’t ignore good diet, exercise, sunlight, sleep, relationships and all those things that help to nourish us and make us whole. Now in some cases serious illness occur despite a healthy lifestyle and this is where I believe Reiki can be very important in helping a person to feel better even if a cure is not possible. It’s possible to experience healing through acceptance of the unchangeable and an understanding of our deeper nature. Reiki helps us to access our deeper layers, beyond the physical body, and this alone can be a healing experience for many.

What Does Healing Mean?

Healing is an interesting process and it is often experienced as a journey to wholeness. Constant migraines, for example, may be an outward expression of a deep inner disturbance. This could be something physical, like poor digestion. The inability to digest food could be a result of being unable to mentally process or let go of certain situations in your life. You could take an aspirin to cure the headache, which may provide temporary relief, but to really heal you need to go deeper and find the root of the problem.

It takes a lot of courage to go deeper. It’s much easier to pop a pill and ignore your body’s messages to heal. We’re afraid of what we might find if we dive beneath the surface. We don’t want to face our demons. We want everything to be nice and pleasant so instead of working with our ailments to learn more about what we need to heal deeply we attack disease to remove symptoms so we don’t have to deal with the underlying cause.

How Does Reiki Work?

Many people have asked me to cure them with Reiki. It must be made very clear that neither the practitioner nor the Reiki is responsible for curing anything. Reiki works with the receiver’s own bio-energetic mechanisms to restore balance. The extent to which healing occurs and lasts has a lot to do with an individual’s recognition of their natural capacity for self-healing. That said, I have seen even the most hardened skeptics experience positive results from Reiki treatment. Reiki doesn’t work only if you believe in it, but the depth of the healing experience seems to be much greater for those who are open to understanding themselves on deeper levels.

Once we shift the responsibility from Reiki as a cure it becomes an excellent supportive tool for healing. Reiki helps us to feel better no matter what we are struggling with. For those who are seriously ill or even facing the end of life, Reiki is a true blessing. Experiencing Reiki often causes a ripple effect of improvement in a person’s life.

You might come for a Reiki session hoping to cure your migraines and be surprised to find that during the session an old relationship trauma resurfaces for attention. Over the next few weeks, you find that you are finally ready to let that go. Your digestion improves and your migraines disappear. Feeling better helps us to make better choices in everyday life. It empowers us to take charge of our lives. So if you’re looking for a Reiki cure, contemplate the difference between curing and healing.

Are you willing to explore the hidden dimensions of whatever ails you? Can you remove any expectations of Reiki as a cure and allow healing to happen in the way it is needed?

How Reiki Has Changed My Life

I practice Reiki on myself every day. I hardly ever get sick and when I do Reiki is always supportive. It has a way of revealing what needs to shift much like meditation shows me what lies hidden in the deeper layers of my being. I can choose to work on my impurities or let them remain hidden. Sometimes more Reiki is what is needed and other times I know I also have to make changes in the way I relate to life in order to heal certain areas of myself.

I am grateful for Reiki and its amazing ability to work with me to create shifts on every level and help me to transform. I think of life as a continual process of transformation where we decide how much we wish to grow in this life. It’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to experience pain. Life is not all roses and dandelions. Allowing ourselves to experience the less pleasant parts of ourselves gives rise to beautiful transformation. Reiki can help us to go through these journeys gracefully.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Taryn Walker

My own transformation through Reiki, Yoga and holistic living inspires me to help others on their own journeys through life. Healing became the obvious direction my life would take following the passing of my Mom and brother at a young age. Grief has been a special gift that has opened many magical doors to wholesome living and deep contemplation on life and what it means to live authentically. Healing often requires a change in our subconscious minds. Even if we do all the right things externally, if we don't access the subconscious we remain stuck in destructive patterns for years wondering why our efforts are in vain. I use Reiki and counselling to help my clients access and work with the subconscious. I also offer guidance on holistic ways of living to support the healing process.