Reflexology Massages To Induce/Use During Labor

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Using reflexology and acupuncture techniques have helped women cope with pain without the need for medication. These techniques can reduce pain, stress and symptoms of pregnancy, they can also help induce labor in the case of rapid and concurrent contractions.


Women have used these methods as relaxation techniques and curb vomiting. The ancient Chinese acupuncture and reflexology techniques that can be administered yourself only requires applying pressure at different points of your body during regular intervals.

Here are 8 acupressure points you can use as labor inducting techniques and maternity acupressure:

1. Palm and Wrist

a. P6 (Percadium):

Place three fingers on the wrist crease and feel the area between the tendons with the finger that is furthest from the index finger (furthest from the wrist crease). Massaging this point for 1-2 minutes can aide in the reduction of vomiting.

b. P8 (Pericardium):

Place the thumb of one hand on the centre of the opposite palm. Massaging this area while applying pressure will also help induce labor. You can bend your middle finger and land it on your palm to find this point.

2. Ankle Region:

a. Bladder And Kidney Points Around The Ankle:

Continuously apply pressure with the fingertips on the most tender points around your ankle, this can help induce labor. Stop when you feel the contraction begin and resume once it has completed its cycle.

b. SP6 (Spleen):

Place four fingers just above the ankle bone, the finger that is furthest from the ankle is the pressure point. Massaging the point Spleen 6 for a couple of minutes can help induce labor.

3. Feet:

a. LV3 (Liver):

Comfortably place your finger and apply pressure during 15 minute intervals at the sensitive point that is a width away from your big and second toes. Do so until the contraction begins and then stop once you feel it coming on.

b. K1 (Kidney):

Place a finger in the middle of the sole, just behind the ball of the foot to locate K1. Apply pressure pushing the big toe and massage this area during any point of the pregnancy is beneficial in alleviating emotional stress and nausea.

4. Back:

a. BL32 (Bladder):

Use your thumb and massage just above the crease of the buttocks, the depression at the bottom end of the spine. The point helps induce labor when massaged in a circular motion.

b. GB21 (Gall Bladder):

Place a finger at the centre of the muscle between the edge of the shoulder and the base of the neck. Massaging this point will aide in pain relief and stress reduction during labor. GB21 or ‘Shiva’s Well’ can be stimulated to treat coughs and breast abscess.


Please do not perform these acupressure and reflexology techniques on other people and especially NOT on another pregnant woman. You can administer these massages on yourself as a relaxation technique with mild pressure on the specific points.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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