The Raw Food Diet: A Rawsome Diet You May Want To Try

The raw food diet is a plant-based diet that requires you to have raw food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, etc. Supporters of the diet believe it can increase your immunity; however, it may not provide the body with enough energy and nutrients. If you are looking for a new diet plan, try this one to know if it works for you.

Today, diets are plenty in number and you have many to choose from. If one does not work for you, it does not have to end in disappointment because you know you can always try another one. No diet has been proved to be 100 percent effective for anyone. Every diet has its own advantage and disadvantage.

So, here is another diet you may want to add to your list of diets to experiment. This is called the raw food diet.


The Basics Of The Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is a diet that involves eating only raw foods, mostly plant foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, grains, beans, dried fruits, etc. This diet eliminates any food that has been cooked. In other words, any food that has been subjected to heat is not allowed in the raw food diet. Instead, the diet allows other techniques like juicing, blending, soaking, sprouting, etc to consume the food.

This diet is sometimes also known as the raw vegan diet. This is because most supporters of the raw food diet do not include meat in it. However, some people who follow the raw food diet include raw meat, fish, and dairy products like yogurt to their diet.

Those following this diet believe that cooking destroys the certain enzymes present in the food that may assist in the absorption and digestion and diminishes the nutritional value of the food being cooked.

Now that the basics of the raw food diet are clear, let’s examine the advantages it may have on the human body.


Benefits Of The Raw Food Diet

Most of the raw foodists strictly believe that raw food has many health benefits when compared with cooked food. Some of these benefits are as follows:


Apart from these benefits, some also say that it is easy to spot spoiled food in its raw form than in its cooked form. It may also help in reaching weight loss goals faster. Lastly, since raw food diet does not require cooking you do not have to purchase oil or gas which saves money. It may take you less time to prepare your food as well. This is great for those with busy schedules who complain about not having time on their hands to cook food.

Despite the numerous advantages of the diet, the raw food diet also has drawbacks. Let’s examine the disadvantages of the raw food diet.


Drawbacks Of The Raw Food Diet

As mentioned earlier, most diets have their own pros and cons. Some of the drawbacks of the raw food diet are as follows:


As mentioned earlier, pros and cons are bound to be there for every diet plan. If you are eager to try out this diet, here is a list of foods you can include in the raw food diet.

Foods To Include In The Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet, as the name suggests, allows you to include all the foods that are raw (mostly plant-based foods) or that have never been cooked. Most foods consumed in this diet should not be heated over 116°F. However, they do allow juicing, blending, sprouting, and other techniques that require less or no heat. Here is a list of foods that you can include in the raw food diet.


Eating whole foods like fruits and vegetables are easy. But, if you are bored of the crunchiness, you can blend them in a blender and make your own smoothies. Similarly, beans and seeds can be sprouted and soaked, respectively, before consuming them.

You cannot have cooked vegetables, fruits, meat, or grains. Nuts should always be eaten raw; roasted nuts don’t count as raw nuts. Refined oils should be excluded and so should pasteurized juices and dairy. You should also avoid all kinds of processed foods and snacks.

The raw food practitioners do not encourage animal products of any kind; but, if you cannot exclude it completely, raw eggs and dairy may be included. You can add raw meat and fish but it may cause digestive issues and may not taste as good as cooked meat and fish.


Some Tips Before You Start The Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet may be easy when it comes to the preparation but it may be a challenge for your body to get used to the drastic change. Here are a few tips that may help if you decide to start with this diet.


Raw food is not always the right food. Ideally, your diet should have a balance of both raw and cooked foods. However, there is no harm in trying a diet plan; it is the only way to know if it works for you or not. But, you should always consult a doctor before you start a new diet plan so they can help you better if you have an existing health condition.

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