The Purest Coconut on Earth is Coming to America!

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The Purest Coconut on Earth is Coming to America!

Is all coconut oil created equal? “No!” is what Zuddha founder, Tyson Adams learned on a trip to Bangkok several years ago. The coconut oil he tasted in the streets of Thailand was significantly different from the coconut oil he’d consumed at home in America. “It was pure bliss!”

Tyson decided to study why what he tasted in Thailand was so much more delicious than the coconut oil he bought at stores in his hometown of Seattle. After two and half years studying how coconut oil is manufactured, he discovered some disturbing truths.

The coconut industry and America’s FDA requirements for coconut oil are full of unregulated marketing terms and practices. In fact, the FDA only requires that virgin coconut oil is 80% coconut oil and can be 20% ‘other’ oils. These other fillers are likely from a product called copra, which are sun-dried coconuts that are full of molds, bacteria and are refined by using high heat and sometimes even chemicals. Its very difficult to scientifically detect the mixing of copra and virgin coconut oil.

The truth is that the coconut oil in your cupboard right now may have been made from coconuts that were soaked in chlorinated water to preserve their freshness before processing. Plus, it was likely processed at heats as high as 175-200F+ degrees, which creates that very strong smell and flavor that almost all coconut oil brands have. I can promise you this about Zuddha. We are 100% Raw-qualified coconut oil processed at the very lowest necessary heat, 113F degrees, and have no rancid oil or other fillers blended in.

Zuddha Coconut Oil, was born from Tyson’s desire to bring the purest coconut oil on earth to his friends and family back home. Zuddha is made from single-origin, organic coconuts from a family in Thailand that’s been harvesting coconuts for over three generations.

Zuddha coconuts are processed within four hours, making them truly virgin. Each coconut is smelled by a real human-being, ensuring no rancid coconuts get in. Imperfections in the coconuts skin are handcut. The coconuts are cold-pressed in small batches at the lowest temperatures, making Zuddha Coconut Oil raw-qualified. This means more beneficial nutrients and fatty-acids are bioavailable for your absorption.

To support Tyson and pre-order your own Zuddha Coconut Oil click here now.

There are only a few more days left to participate in purchasing Zuddha and supporting Tyson’s campaign — they are already at 78% of their $10,000 goal.

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Bonus ideas of how to use you new Zuddha Coconut Oil below:

The Purest Coconut on Earth is Coming to America!

The Purest Coconut on Earth is Coming to America!