Processed Meats Now Classified As Carcinogenic

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You might have never come across a person who hates bacon. Are you aware of the health risks you ingest with every meal of processed meat?

Bacon, ham, salami, hot dogs, sausages, pepperoni, pastrami, and meatballs; these names can easily add some mouth-watering moments to your day, but what salivates your tongue could be a threat to your whole body. It is rare to find people who’d say no to bacon, or some sort of processed meat, who are taking a huge risk of ingesting carcinogenic food additives, chemical preservatives, and artificial food colors.

Foods which include processed meat, like hot dogs, breakfast meals in cafes (or in your house), add few carcinogens to your daily diet. They do taste delicious, but are they really worth taking a chance? Many studies show that these additives and preservatives are also linked to male infertility, early death, obesity, and other serious health issues.


According to an analysis by World Cancer Research Fund, eating just one sausage can increase risks of bowel cancer in you, and three pieces of bacon can increase these chances to 20%. This also means that you need to limit your red meat consumption to around 18 ounces per week to reduce the chances of colorectal cancer.

Another problem with red meat is the handling and preservation. The slaughterhouses often don’t have hygienic means of processing meat, and lead to number of harmful microbial growth in them. These microbial growth can lead to flukes and other serious stomach issues.


You will not be surprised to know that processed meats have been classified as a group 1 carcinogen by many cancer researcher groups. They are as dangerous as tobacco and asbestos.

The other cancers which are related with processed meats are colorectal, pancreatic, and prostate cancer.

The reasons why processed meat can cause cancer are:

  • Processing them often involves chemicals which have nitrites
  • Smoking is also a step in processing meat, which forms cancer-causing PAHs
  • Adding a high amount of various salts for preservation can promote stomach cancer
  • Cooking processed meat in high temperatures also induce cancer causing chemicals


As you may know, your good health starts from your gut health, hence it is quite important to monitor what you’re eating and the healthy foods you’re not eating enough. Red meats are really good for you, if you limit your consumption.