Baby Born 3.5 Months Premature Is A Living Miracle

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The average pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks. During this time, babies grow from an embryo the size of a pinto bean to a fully-formed baby, all inside their mother’s womb. It’s an exciting and scary time for both the mother and the father – a time full of baby-proofing, book reading, and diaper purchasing.

That’s why it can be so jarring when a baby is born prematurely. While relatively common and treatable by doctors, a premature baby faces numerous health risks that threaten their chances of survival.

Lyndsey’s baby, however, was a more extreme case. Preterm birth is defined as any birth occurring before 37 weeks of pregnancy, but Ward Miles was born an entire three and a half months before his due date.

He weighed only one and a half pounds when he was born, and had to spend the first 107 days of his life in the hospital’s NICU. It was a difficult time for Lyndsey and her husband, but they knew that they, as well as their son, would have the strength to endure.

Thankfully, Ward’s father is a professional photographer who decided to document the first year of his life in its entirety. His transformation over the course of 365 days is a remarkable source of hope for any future parents who experience something similar with their baby.