Can You Possibly Burn 100 Calories In Under 4 Mins?

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Start with 10 vertical jumps, raise your hands while you're doing them. Follow it up with 10 squats and 10 push ups. If floor push ups are hard, do them against the wall. End it with steppings, 10 with each leg. Repeat this 4 times in a row for optimal fat burn or even repeat to make it a 20 min workout. Take 1 min breaks between repetitions if necessary.

Seems impossible? Well it sure does. But when the theory is put forward by one of the world’s leading fitness experts, you sit up, take notice and want to know how.

It was Jim Sarete, one of America’s most popular wellness mentors, who structured this technique for quick weight loss, especially for individuals who can’t find the time to hit the gym or exercise regularly.

Can You Possibly Burn 100 Calories In Under 4 Mins?

We all know that spending time exercising or by occupying yourself on some physical activity will help you lose weight but this regime is precisely talking about methods that will consume less time. Running only burns 150 calories every hour, but these quick exercises can melt upto 100 calories in under 4 minutes!!! Here’s the magical list:

  • Jump 10 times with hands outstretched.
  • Do 10 squats.
  • Find some floor space and do 10 push-ups. If you cannot do them on the floor do them against the wall.
  • Find a raised floor or use a stable block and do 10 stepping exercises on each leg.

The beauty of these set of exercises is that you do not need fancy equipment nor a gym. You can just do it anytime and anywhere. if you can squeeze in the time, try doing 4 sets of these exercises for maximum benefits. Ensure you take a small break (around 1 minute is ideal) between these sets. You can convert this mini mix of exercises into a 20 minute workout as well.

Edited By: Vivek Chhetri