Pomegranate Health Benefits You Should Know About

pomegranate health benefits

Pomegranate Health Benefits You Should Know About

The ruby red kernels of a pomegranate aren’t just beautiful to look at, they can work wonders for your skin and body too! From keeping your teeth looking dazzling by preventing plaque buildup, to helping make your skin supple and wrinkle-free by preventing oxidative damage and boosting collagen synthesis, there is plenty a pomegranate can do. You may even help your overall appearance by knocking off excess pounds and losing that abdominal fat courtesy the pomegranate and its leaf and seed extracts.

Pomegranates are constantly in the news for their various health benefits, but did you know they have beauty benefits too? They can help protect your skin, keep away wrinkles, slow down aging and more. Here’s how pomegranates might be your new best friend.


What Makes Pomegranates So Good For You?

Pomegranate seeds are delicious and packed with goodness. Just half a cup full of these arils, as they are called, can give you a healthy 3.5 gm of fiber and 1.5 gm of protein. They also have vitamins that act as antioxidants in the body, protecting the skin and cells against free radical damage and slowing aging. This portion size delivers 33 µg of folate and 9 mg of vitamin C. Minerals like calcium which it has about 9 mg of in half a cup, and potassium (205 mg) are good for your bones as well as heart health, among other things. Because they contain about 72 calories and around 12 gm of sugar per half cup, pomegranates can be a quick energy source and a filling one too(thanks to the fiber content that keeps you feeling full).

Protect Your Skin

If you can stay fit and healthy, you will look great too! And that’s where pomegranates really come into their own. The antioxidants in them can go a long way in protecting your body against toxins, carcinogens, and inflammation. Studies have shown the use of pomegranate seed oil in animal studies, to protect against skin cancer

. Its chemoprotective properties for your skin may help you ward off a condition that afflicts over a million people a year.

Fight Obesity

Being healthy and fit is important to your overall look. Research suggests the fruit can help with fat reduction, thanks to the beneficial effects of the tannins and antioxidants in it. Animal studies have shown it can help reduce abdominal fat accumulation. The seed extracts are also effective in increasing levels of good HDL cholesterol. Pomegranate leaf extracts administered orally have also been found to help with weight loss, and lower serum total cholesterol. Dyslipidemia, where the cholesterol or lipid levels of the body are not normal, may also be treatable by using these extracts.

Keep Your Pearly Whites That Way

A great smile can really work wonders when it comes to your appearance. Keep your teeth looking sparkly and plaque-free and that’s half the battle won. According to research, having just one glass of pomegranate juice every day can help reduce how much dental plaque builds up. That’s because of the action of the tannins, polyphenols, as well as ellagic acids, all natural antioxidants found in the fruit, that prevent the colony formation by bacteria responsible for causing plaque.It may also fasten loose teeth and help strengthen your gums.

Reduce Skin Damage

Pomegranates can help inhibit free radical production in skin that has been exposed to Ultraviolet(UV) radiation. Free radical damage is responsible for aging skin and causing depigmentation, resulting in uneven patchy looking skin, or even skin burns. Taking pomegranate extracts before exposure to UV radiation has been found to inhibit the degradation of connective tissue and collagen in the skin. It is considered a good photochemoprotective agent for your skin when applied topically, helping safeguard it from injury or aging due to exposure to UV light.

Get Younger Looking Skin

Some research suggests that the fruit may actually have greater antioxidant potential than green tea, the widely applauded natural antioxidant source. The juice of pomegranates is easy to consume and lower oxidative stress and free radical damage, allowing your skin to look radiant and younger for longer.

Boost Collagen Synthesis

The juice and peel also contain catechins, another type of highly active antioxidant that can help stimulate collagen synthesis by your body. And it is this collagen which makes your skin more supple and tight for that distinctive smooth look, naturally.

Put The Brakes On Wrinkles

Pomegranates have anti-aging properties due to the dual benefit of the antioxidants in them, and oils in the seeds that make the outer layer or epidermis of your skin stronger. This helps ward off wrinkles for longer, pushing back the schedule on the aging of your skin. The ellagic acid in them is said to help reduce the number of wrinkles your skin develops due to exposure to UVB radiation in sunlight.


Fight Acne

Acne breakouts due to hormonal trouble or digestive issues can result in excessive sebum production. This oily product secreted by the skin is responsible for the pimples you so detest. The antioxidants in pomegranates and their juice can help prevent oxidation of the sebum responsible for pimples, and help you avoid acne. Some research indicates that having low serum levels of Vitamin C, A, and E could be linked to acne and pomegranates contain a good mix of these nutrients as well as polyphenols.

Heal Cut Skin Faster For Diabetics

Marks and wounds can leave you looking worse for the wear. For those with diabetes, healing a wound can seem like an uphill battle. But now, as research seems to indicate, you could speed up healing by using pomegranate peel. Polyphenol extracts from the ingredient have been seen to help with cutaneous wound healing in test animals that were diabetic.

And Even Used In Plastic Surgery

In fact, the ellagitannins, a type of polyphenol found in the fruit juice and peel of pomegranates, can help prevent skin flap(a method similar to grafting skin to cover up aesthetic issues in an area of your body, using your own tissue) death after plastic surgeries.