Newborn photos like you’ve never seen – the raw moments when mums first meet their babies

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It is a moment no mother will ever forget. And it is one that is often not captured on camera. Until now. With the rise in birth photography, more and more new parents are able to forever keep these memories of the first moments they are handed their little ones.

These newborn photos are the real deal – no fuzzy blankets, animal beanies or chiffon scarves. But these raw photos are equally as beautiful. Come and see for yourself.


Some moments cannot be expressed through words. The moment when a new mum first meets her little baby certainly qualifies.


Monet Moutrie is an American photographer who specialises in capturing birth stories through her stunning images. But these photos are not what we normally picture when we think about newborn photography.
There are no special props, lighting or baskets in sight.


The photos are raw to say the least – the babies are covered in vernix, blood and most still have their umbilical cord attached. But they are absolutely incredible.


Monet has photographed almost 100 birth stories, mostly in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado. She specialises in all types of births – water births, caesarean sections and natural deliveries.


“There is something striking and incongruous about those first moments of recognition. How something this new can also feel as old as our own soul,”


The tears of joy, relief and exhaustion felt by the mothers are captured to perfection in these photos. And the brand new babies, still red, raw and ripe with vernix, have never looked so beautiful.


Monet has even managed to capture some of those memories that are impossible to describe – like the moment your little one looks at you for the first time.


Or the first time you hear your baby scream.


Or the moment he is placed on your chest.


Monet has an incredible knack for bringing every emotion to life through her photos and she expresses these feelings eloquently through her words as well.
“Giving birth isn’t just about making babies. It’s about making mothers,” Monet explains. “Strong, confident, resilient mothers. And it’s about making families. Connected, supportive, beautiful families.”


“When we clutch our brand new babies to our chests, we bring them back to the world they’ve always known. Back to our beating hearts. Back to the unique smell of our body. Back home.”

We couldn’t say it better ourselves.



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