Natural Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production

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Question:  I’m nursing my baby but am struggling with a low milk supply. Are there any natural ways to boost my production?

James Dudley

Curejoy Expert James Dudley Explains:

Natural Ways to Increase Breast Milk

Every mother wants the best for their baby especially the enormous benefits of breast milk’s disease fighting antibodies. Also nothing matches the bonding and precious together time that breastfeeding provides.

Lactating mothers who find it difficult to generate sufficient milk for the baby are generally recommended to breastfeed at least 8 to 12 times a day, to offer both breasts at every feeding to ensure that the baby is getting the proper balance of foremilk and hindmilk, to utilize breast compression, to avoid artificial nipples, and if nothing works, to use a certified Breast Pump to increase milk production.

Even after trying all of these methods, some mothers fail to generate enough milk. With natural herbal help from Mother Nature, low breast milk is no reason to quit. Galactagogues are nature’s herbal gifts to increase lactation, and have been used for centuries to help increase milk supply.

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One of the best and strongest herbs for increasing milk production including mothers of adopted babies. Not recommended for use by diabetics or those who are on strict insulin regimens as excess dosage can reduce blood sugar.

Goat’s Rue

A powerful herb for stimulating milk production it has been shown to increase milk production by 50% in many cases, and may also stimulate the development of the mammary glands themselves.


Along with increasing breast milk production it is also extremely helpful in relieving symptoms of gas, colic and indigestion in the mother and child (through breast milk).

Red Raspberry Leaf

It is an uterine toner, helping the uterus get back to normal, apart from increasing breast milk production.

Chaste Tree (Vitex)

This potent herb is very helpful for women who are experiencing hormonal imbalances, such as PMS symptoms, while breastfeeding. Note: May re-start the menses in nursing women.


Contains vital Vitamin K a blood clotting agent that helps avoid hemorrhage during delivery, helps the body recover quickly, and also improves quantity of breastmilk.

Nettle (Urtica dioica)

This delicious vegetable is a wonderful pregnancy tonic useful during lactation to increase breast milk as well as for providing nutritive support for the nursing mother.

Blessed Thistle (Our Lady’s Milk Thistle)

It increases breast milk while helping to alleviate mild forms of postpartum depression. Warning: Not to be consumed during pregnancy.


Helps balance the adrenals as well as increase breast milk production. Warning: Not for long-term usage and alkaloids can impact liver function.

Anise Seed (Pimpinella Anisum)

A culinary spice and a digestive herb that helps dispel gas and relieve indigestion and nausea as well as increase milk flow.

Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)

Has immense liver protecting qualities while significantly increasing breast milk.

Sometimes getting these organic herbs locally and vouching for their quality and purity can be a chore. In such cases try a blended galactagogue tea like Organic Milkmaid Tea. You can drink this without the need to make the concoctions and allow your body to naturally start the internal healing process.