5 DIY Natural Remedies To Treat Foot Fungus

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Smoke tree infusion is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Boil 40g of dry smoke tree leaves, flowers, stems, in 400 ml of water for 20 mins. Strain and dilute with warm water and use. Add organic tea tree oil to a foot bath to destroy the fungus. Ozonated olive oil paste will prevent further outbreaks. You could also use apple cider vinegar or plain yogurt.

Foot fungus (Athlete’s foot) is a common and contagious skin disease that causes itching, scaling, flaking, and sometimes blistering of the affected areas, such as the sole of the foot and the skin between the toes. However, several natural remedies are present for the treatment of foot fungus, some of which are listed below.

Herbal Remedies For Athlete’s Foot

Smoke Tree Infusion

An effective herbal treatment for foot fungus is using the smoke tree, also known as smoke bush. The smoke tree has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

How To Use It

  • To successfully treat foot fungus, prepare a highly concentrated infusion of the smoke tree by boiling 40g of dry smoke tree leaves, flowers, and stems, in 400 ml of water for about 20 minutes.
  • Strain the contents and dilute with warm water.
  • Wait until the temperature of the infusion becomes bearable and soak your feet.
  • Keep them soaked until the water cools down.


Organic Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has properties that help destroy the fungus in heavily infested areas and prevent it from spreading to unaffected areas.

How To Use It

  • Add 40 drops of organic tea tree oil to a foot bath and soak your feet for 10 minutes.
  • After soaking and thoroughly drying the feet, massage a few drops of the oil directly on the affected area.


Ozonated Olive Oil

Using ozonated olive oil can also help treat Athlete’s Foot.1

How To Use It

  • Use the paste of ozonated olive oil to swab your clean, dry feet every morning and night.

This should clear up the fungus within about two to four days and can be used as a preventative measure against future outbreaks.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Direct application of apple cider vinegar on the affected area is a helpful remedy for athlete’s foot.2


Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt contains acidophilus bacteria, which removes the fungus.3 Simply apply the plain yogurt on the affected area, and rinse off when it gets dry.


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