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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bay Leaves

Bay leaf has been found to reduce blood sugar levels and prevent type 2 diabetes in people with high-risk factors for the disease. It's also great for improving hair growth, reducing dandruff, and treating an itchy scalp. Bay leaf can also help get your digestion back on track. A few studies suggest bay leaf could be helpful to destroy cancer cells.

6 Wonderful Benefits Of Drinking Honey-Lemon Water

There are many reasons why honey-lemon water is the best drink to have first thing in the morning. The drink aids in digestion, improves immunity, melts body fat and keep the gut in good health. It also promotes healthy glowing skin by fighting acne and keeping the skin wrinkle free. It's a great pick-me-up to detox your liver and body.

Causes Of Tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. If you live or work in close quarters with a person infected with TB, spend hours in unhygienic places, or are not getting proper nourishment, you run the risk of contracting this infectious disease. If you are elderly, very young, diabetic, or have HIV/AIDS or other illnesses, or are undergoing chemotherapy, you tend to be more vulnerable.

Tips To Improve Breathing Underwater While Swimming

If you find yourself out of breath when you swim or unable to get to the next level with your swimming, your breathing technique could be out of whack. Practice with some yogic breathing on dry land, perfect your technique with a drill while standing in waist-deep water, and learn bilateral breathing. Whether you’re doing the breaststroke, freestyle, or butterfly stroke, the right way can improve your efficiency and reduce oxygen demand for breathing so it can be used to power your swimming.

6 Causes Of Ocular Migraine

Ocular migraines are painless migraines that are characterized by visual disturbances. They are caused by the same triggers that cause all types of migraines. From stress and diet to genetics and hormones, culprits behind migraines are constantly being unraveled by research. Talk to your doctor to rule out any underlying condition and follow simple lifestyle changes to manage your condition.

The Stages Of Alcoholism

Emotional stages involves introduction to alcohol and its “happy buzz”; alcohol tolerance; bearing the brunt of negative feedback; and drinking to block negative feelings. Physical stages include increasing tolerance; physical dependence; and organ damage and risk of death. Alcohol-related liver diseases, a definite threat with alcoholism, can move from alcoholic fatty liver disease and alcoholic hepatitis to cirrhosis.

10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Sunburn

If your sunburn is not severe, it should typically heal in around a week. However, here are some remedies that can help heal faster. Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration, stay out of the sun, and cool your skin by taking a cold bath. Applying green tea, aloe vera, cucumber, witch hazel, or calendula tea can soothe a sunburn. A poultice of plantain leaves or oatmeal bath can be helpful too.

The Side Effects And Risks Of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a very common procedure, used to correct various vision problems including astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. Although laser eye surgery is an extremely safe procedure, it can have short-term side effects such as mild pain, itchiness, irritation, and light sensitivity. Long-term complications in some cases include flap issues, dry eyes, over/under correction, bulging of the cornea, infection, and inflammation.

Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure usually doesn’t cause any symptoms, which is why it’s known as a “silent killer.” So you need to monitor your blood pressure regularly to find out if it’s high. However, some signs like spots in your eyes, facial flushing, and cognitive changes like memory loss and trouble finding words are associated with this condition. Severe high blood pressure can cause headaches, anxiety, shortness of breath, and nose bleeds.