Musings From The Womb

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Moms, beyond the physical connection you share with the little baby growing inside you, I’m sure there are times you have wondered what they are thinking or feeling. Being the life that’s forming in you, up close and personal with whatever makes you tick, they know when you’re sad, when you’re angry or in pain, what you’re craving, but they can’t do anything much to talk to you or help you with that, even if they wanted to.

Although babies kick inside the womb when they have grown enough for different reasons, recent technology has made it possible to know when babies cry inside the womb, when they don’t like the food their moms’ ate, and we can now witness some emotions and actions of babies inside the womb, such as dreaming, which we never thought were¬†possible until they came out into our world.

In light of that curiosity about what your lil’ baby may be thinking or feeling before they have learnt the words to adequately express them, here is our take on the¬†6 musings of most babies from inside the womb.

#1 – Mom, When I Move Around, I’m Trying To Speak To You


When your little baby moves around he/she is trying to talk to you or tell you something. It may be to tell you how they’re feeling or trying to talk to you about what you’re feeling. But each one of those wriggles hold a hidden message.

#2 – Mom, I Hope You Can Hear Me Say ‘I Love You Too’


You may not be able to hear it yet, maybe not till they can say their first words in a spoken language. But, your baby replies to each ‘I love you’ that you say, with mutual or greater emotion. Their tantrums inside you and loving expressions after they’re born are their non-verbal cues to show you their love.

#3 – Mom, I Can’t Wait To Come Out And Get Your Kisses


Your baby is eager to come out and meet his/her amazing mother, who made them who they are. After hearing all those loving promises of getting hugs, cuddles, and kisses, they can’t wait to be greeted with that love from you, more than anything else.

#4 – Mom, I Know You Inside-out And Am In Awe Of You Already


As your loving baby looks at you, how you are with them, and even during those moments when you think nobody is looking, he/she thinks, I’m so lucky to be blessed with someone so graceful, comforting, and brave. Maybe this is what being at home will always feel like.

#5 – Mom, I’m Ready, Are You Ready To Journey With Me?


Finally coming out into the world, your little one is ready to take on the next step. So they look at you with all the hope in the world reflected in their little eyes and silently ask you if you’re ready to help them continue with this new journey in the outside world, after experiencing the one you both just took together.

#6 – Mom, I May Hold Your Little Finger, But You Hold My Soul


Your little munchkin holds your little finger with all the love in the world, as their own way of saying, thank you for making and carrying my soul all this time, but now no matter what happens, even if I am now an individual in the outside world, you will always, always carry my heart.


Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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