Mum-To-Be’s Belly Button ‘Trick’ That’s Actually An Umbilical Hernia

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There is no doubt the female body does some strange things during pregnancy – just ask this mother.


A Reddit user posted a video of his wife’s belly button popping out and blowing up like a balloon before collapsing back to an “innie” again.

The man said his wife was a doctor and the belly button “trick” was normal.

“She actually has a space between the muscles in her abdomen from the last pregnancy. Glad I’m a guy,” he wrote.

But other Reddit users insisted the video looked like a hernia and suggested the man’s wife seek medical advice.

“That actually looks like a hernia, if that’s your wife please get it looked at asap. Today,” one user wrote. The original poster replied: “Edit: you’re right! She said it is an umbilical hernia! F***, reddit should just be my doctor.”

An umbilical hernia occurs when part of the intestine protrudes through the umbilical opening, where a woman was once attached to her own mother by an umbilical cord, in the abdominal muscles.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the additional pressure in the abdomen can make pregnant women more susceptible to umbilical hernias.

Umbilical hernias during pregnancy are usually harmless and do not normally affect the baby or its development.

However it is important to seek timely medical advice about any hernias to determine if and when they should be surgically repaired.