Eating Raw Ginger- How Much Can One Eat?

Benefits of Eating Raw Ginger

Eating raw ginger in foods or in teas generally doesn’t cause any known side effects or problems in healthy adults.


Do Not Consume More Than 4 Grams Of Ginger Daily

As a medicine the quantity of ginger used will vary, for eg. to treat nausea or gas, adults can chew a one-quarter-ounce piece of fresh, raw ginger. But if consuming it raw or through teas regularly, without any specific ailments, then herbalists recommend not more than 4 grams of ginger daily — from all sources. The impact and response for an increased intake depends on your body type, diet, climatic conditions and age. Idea is to be in moderation to avoid problems later.

Ginger contains a potent mix of healing compounds like the pungent anti-inflammatory phenols called gingerols and shogaols; proteolytic, anti-inflammatory enzyme called zingibain; and other compounds called sesquiterpenes. Generally considered safe, it is recommended to talk to your physician before introducing raw ginger into your diet. In case you suffer from a bleeding disorder or are on medications for blood thinning or heart disease, raw ginger can interfere and possibly worsen the condition. Ginger is preferred by pregnant women to relieve morning sickness and nausea. It is recommended to stop consuming ginger beyond the first two months of pregnancy.

When raw ginger has been consumed in doses more than the recommended, people have reported symptoms like diarrhea, mild heartburn, stomach upset, belching and irritation of the mouth. Avoid raw ginger in such cases and consume ginger supplements, ginger tea or ginger powder in food, as alternatives.

If you are specifically allergic to ginger and even with minute quantities, experience tightness in your chest, swelling in your mouth, face or throat, itching, difficulty breathing, hives or a rash, then strictly avoid ginger in raw form and take the guidance of your doctor or herbalist in the best form to get the benefits of ginger.