A Mother of Three Gives Up Coca-Cola & Loses 112 Pounds

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Watching her kids play in the park and being unable to join them because she had no energy to do anything, a 27-year-old mother-of-three in Birmingham, Sarah Turner, realized her addiction to Coca-cola was the main reason.1 2

How you may ask?

Sarah drank close to 4 liters of coke a day, and never realized the effect it was having on her body.After looking into it further, she found a scary infographic that outlined the entire process of what a drink’s sugar does to the body within an hour of consumption. Apparently, within 20 minutes after drinking Coke, the sugar from the beverage quickly processed in your body and turned into fat deposits. She also realized that she was consuming around a pound of sugar per day, and decided to stop drinking Coke.

Sarah began her no-Coke diet regimen a year ago following the Slimming World weight-loss program. It promotes cutting out sugar from everyday meals completely, starting with Coke and similar beverages. Her diet is now enriched with potatoes, baked beans and protein-rich food, but she still does not eat fruits or vegetables.

She admits that, she has lots of energy now, loves to take walks which she didn’t before and fits into a size 8 now, after going from around 245 pounds to a stunning 126 pounds.

She expressed, “It’s literally changed my life losing this weight and I can do so much more now that I’ve completely given up Coke”.

Her kids Spencer, Grace, and Ava Mai, all aged between 2-8 years, now get to run around and play with their mom in the park.

Despite these stunning facts and real-life testimonials, an English Coca-Cola spokesperson said that Coke is enjoyed part of a balanced diet, cleverly quoting only Coke zero and Diet Coke as those options.

He also added that everything is fine in moderation. Well, maybe it is but little does he know that a little more than the healthy amount of sugar can go a long way in harming your body.

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