Best Yoga Poses For The Morning: Make Your Day With Morning Yoga

Best Yoga Poses For The Morning

Begin your mornings with a short session of yoga to make your body supple. Yoga poses like the mountain pose and the corpse pose and yogic breathing or pranayam can clear your mind, de-cluttering it before you need to take on the day. Asanas like the cat-cow pose, the plank, the downward facing dog and knee-to-nose pose all help stretch your body, limber you up, and boost circulation. And that's besides building core strength. Even your digestion and blood pressure could benefit from the right morning yoga routine, so give these a try!

Starting your day right can make all the difference to how energized and focused you are. And a good morning yoga routine will help you do just that. Here’s the perfect blend of yogic breathing exercises and poses or asanas that will set you up for a great day.


Combine Gentle Stretches, Energizing Asanas, And Deep Breathing

Your morning yoga routine should start with some gentle stretches that warm up your muscles and loosen you up, allowing for easy movement. You should then zero in on poses and breathing techniques that clear your mind, calm you, and help you focus better. A morning exercise session should also help kickstart your digestion by working the core muscles and gently massaging abdominal organs. This combination can help you be both physically and mentally prepared for anything the day throws your way!

What follows is a list of yoga exercises designed to help with exactly this. You could also try some more challenging poses if you are able to do yoga at an intermediate or advanced level.

Apanasana Or Reverse Child’s Pose For A Good Stretch

This is an exercise you can do as soon as you wake up and before you even hop out of bed. This movement helps to stretch your spine as well as shoulders. It also massages your back and abdominal organs, helping ease back pain, improving digestion, and opening up the hips.


Sukhasana Or Easy Pose To Calm You And Lengthen Your Spine

Transition next into the comfortable relaxation of the sukhasana. It will help lengthen and stretch your spine. Sukhasana also gives you a sense of inner calm that can prepare you for the bustle and stresses of the day ahead.


Pranayam Or Yogic Breathing To Focus Your Attention

Yogic breathing techniques or pranayam can help you clear your head and bring your attention to your breathing. This helps declutter the mind and focus better. Try some of these breathing techniques before you move on to the next poses or begin your yoga routine with them.

Even Ratio Breathing: Do even ratio breathing for around 3 minutes, where you focus on inhaling for three counts and exhaling to a count of three. Gradually build up to five counts on each.

Just take care that the breathing feels comfortable and not forced or painful. To calm yourself, exhale for longer and inhale for shorter counts. Six counts of exhale to about three of inhale are a good level to build up to.


Nadi Shodhana: Alternate nostril breathing helps to clear any blocks in energy channels in your body. In doing so, it also helps calm the mind and release any pent-up tension or stress and even fatigue.


Tadasana Or Mountain Pose To Focus The Mind And Galvanize Your Body

Tadasana, like yogic breathing, also focuses your mind and prepares your body for the other asanas you will do after this.

You could also follow up with the mountain side-bending pose.


Chakravakasana Or Cat-Cow Pose To Boost Circulation And Aid Digestion

The cow pose offers a gentle massage to abdominal organs and the back and is a good way to warm up for your spine. The cat stretch helps in a similar manner, toning up your abdomen, aiding digestion, and relaxing the mind. It also boosts blood circulation.


Janu Naasika Adho Mukha Svanasana Or Knee-To-Nose Pose For A Complete Rejuvenating Stretch

You will start this with the downward facing dog, which is both calming and energizing. It stretches your hands, shoulders, arches, calves, and hamstrings. It can relieve fatigue, headaches, back pain, and insomnia and aids digestion. The knee-to-nose pose is a great core warm-up that can also help boost circulation to the shoulder and back muscles.


Kumbhakasana Or Plank Pose To Strengthen Arms And Tone The Abdomen

The plank when done correctly can be quite challenging. You could try this if you’re looking for a more rigorous or longer workout at a higher level of difficulty. It tones your abdomen and strengthens your spine as well as arms and wrists.


Vasisthasana Or Side Plank Pose To Work Your Core

Build your core strength further with the side plank pose.


Shavasana Or Corpse Pose To Relax And Round Up Routine

End your yoga session with some time spent in the corpse pose. This pose is designed to relax you, ease anxiety, lower blood pressure, and leave you refreshed.

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