Are Moringa Leaves Good For My Hair And Skin?

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Moringa leaves contain antioxidants which can revitalize the skin, contain sulfur that promotes skin health, prevents aging and also serves as a face mask. Vitamin A in moringa reduces hair loss, strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation in the scalp. Also contains calcium, potassium, iron, manganese and copper essential for healthy hair.

Curejoy Expert Dipti Mothay Explains:

Moringa is known as a “miracle tree” and has multiple uses. Research has shown that approximately 300 diseases can be cured by its consumption. The plant has got lots of benefits on your health, skin, and hair along with hundreds of other health benefits.

Moringa Leaves Benefits for Skin and Hair

Moringa for Skin:

– The antioxidants in moringa make your skin revitalized by controlling free radicals. Free radicals cause your skin to age. The cleansing ability of moringa makes your skin youthful and radiant.
– Around 30 antioxidants are contained in moringa. Moringa oil delivers all these to the skin, being highly absorbable. They make your skin healthy.
– Moringa leaves can be used as a face mask by making a paste from it.
– Collagen in the skin makes your skin elastic and flexible. Keratin gives strength and rigidity to the skin. These 2 substances are constructed from sulfur. Being rich in sulfur, moringa plant leaves are really good for your skin.

Moringa for Hair:

– The Vitamin A in moringa helps develop healthy cells and reduces the problem of hair loss. Deficiency in this vitamin causes dandruff, dry hair, and thick scalp.
– The zinc in moringa leaves makes your immune system stronger and also promote hair growth.
– Moringa leaves contain Vitamin E, which is a very strong antioxidant. Blood circulation in the scalp is improved, which increases the absorption of nutrients in the hair follicles. As such, hair growth is improved.
– Deficiency of Vitamin B6, inositol, folic acid, and biotin is responsible for hair loss. Hair follicles grow healthier and stronger with proper blood circulation. Vitamin E and Vitamin C improve blood circulation. Moringa contains all the important nutrients to make your hair healthy.
– Calcium, potassium, iron, selenium, magnesium, manganese, and copper in moringa are very useful for healthy hair.