A Mom's Response To Those Who Think C-Sections Are Easy

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The pain of giving birth is not enough, let alone the after effects of a pregnancy on a mother’s body. You know motherhood has been insulted when hoards of judgmental people out there actually make the time to label which way of giving birth is easy, a natural birth or a “C-section.” 1

Well, a new mother named Raya Lee, from Missouri, puts those haters in their place.

On the day Raya’s son, Roxas, was born on August 15, 2016, she received tons of posts on her social media pages supporting her excitement on leading a “new mommy life.” Her supporters suddenly reared a different side to them, when she posted “Surprise C-section” on Facebook. A majority of the comments she received claimed that a C-section is the “easy way out.”

Summarizing what she said in her comeback post, titled “Long Dramatic Post Warning,” she explained that a C-section was not a matter of convenience but a shock, especially waiting for around 38 hours until her baby was in distress and every contraction was close to killing him. She went from being told that she was doing great to being prepped for a painful and adverse abdominal surgery because she was physically unable to get him out herself.

The C-section was the only way to save his life. He was pulled out from an incision that was barely 5 inches long after layers of her body, muscle layers, and organs were pushed aside to make way for the baby. The only pleasant thing was seeing his little face, not her insides looking like shreds, Raya said.

What’s more, C-section moms like Raya have to wait through a lot of pain for 6 weeks so that their scars heal on their own. So their body has to both return to normal after the pregnancy hormones are flushed out and heal a giant scar that stitched their abdomen back together. A scar that they have for life.

So she tells all those who undermine her efforts that it is NOT the easy way out and if they can’t see what she went through, then that’s not her problem.

She added, “This was the most painful thing I have experienced in my life. I now belong to a bad-ass tribe of mamas with the scar to prove that I had a baby cut out of me and lived to tell the tale.” Because C-sections have been known to kill moms and even the babies in the process.

Like all the loving mothers out there, she says she would not mind going through what she did every day, just so she can see her son’s smiling face. Her post along with the raw photos of her scar and the hardcore truth about a C-section experience went viral, making about 20,000 shares and getting support from numerous other moms.

Her son’s birth has empowered people and been told around the world, making him a legend within just 2 weeks of being born, she said proudly.

As one of those strong women out there, who have given birth to their child in whatever way, let’s give it up to them for showing us what mothers are really made of, whether they have scars to show for it or not.

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