Mom, Daughter Get Matching Tattoos to Commemorate Breast Cancer Battle

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In life you will come across strong, bold, beautiful, and courageous woman. These women live to inspire, motivate and have a zeal for life. These extraordinary women are inspiring to us, women in general and to breast cancer patients/survivors. In the midst of their darkest hours, these women decided that life was worth fighting for. Meet these mother-daughter duos and their stories of how they fought cancer together.

#1.Veronica Quintanilla and her daughter Victoria Vargas


Quintanilla decided that she and her daughter, who has been by her side from the start, should get matching pink bow tattoos to celebrate an end to her treatment.
Veronica Quintanilla, 47, told TODAY, “These tattoos are something special between my daughter and me, never to be seen again. I’ve been bald twice in my life because of cancer. I don’t plan to ever go bald again.”

“Even though the rest of the world can’t see it, she and I will be the only two that know it’s there because it’s something special that we shared together,” she said. “She showed me strength. I was so proud of her this past year.”

#2.Fay Maschler and her daughter Hannah Straker

Fay Maschler Hannah straker

On August 3, Fay Maschler flew all the way to Nelson, New Zealand to visit her daughter Hannah Straker. Maschler travelled down under to support her daughter Hannah Straker through her final chemotherapy treatment after she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in the year.

Straker said her mum had been an amazing support. “I have done quite a lot of washing up,” Maschler said. “It is hard to see your daughter going through such things, I was so pleased to be able to come.”

#3.Patricia Amirault and her daughter Cait Amirault

Patricia Amiraut and cait

Last summer, Cait Amirault’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The 29-year-old began looking for ways to support her mother. Cait was good at running and raising money. She ran the Providence Marathon for her mother, Patricia Amirault.

Patricia, now in remission and received her last treatment in April, was “overwhelmed” not only by the efforts of her daughter, but also all the support shown at both the marathon and on the fundraising page.

“I have a greater appreciation for life. I’ve learned I’m a lot stronger than I ever thought I could be. I have been the recipient of so much love, compassion and kindness from my family, friends and the many people I have met during this journey,” she said.


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