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Meditation for Becoming Aware of Body & Breath.

Meditation for Becoming Aware of Body & Breath.

Meditation for Becoming Aware of Body & Breath.

Power of Meditation:

Meditation is a powerful tool to restore health and balance to your body, mind and spirit. Meditation helps to relax and calm you, balance your internal processes and helps to break through challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your health goals and intentions. Meditating daily is one of the keys to managing your stress in a healthy and effective way.

Isn’t it amazing how little we pay attention to our bodies and our breath. When I first do the body meditation with my clients, they often comment at the end, that they lost track of time and they began floating as they relaxed every part of their body and mind. Remember that we have this resource available to us at any time! You can always come back to any of these practices in your mind and even repeating just a part of it will calm your mind.

Being Aware of the Sights and Sounds around you:

Today, we’re going to bring awareness to sights and sounds. Sit up straight and begin as always with your breath meditation or open awareness in the present moment. Now bring attention to your gaze. Notice, the world around you is vibrant with color! We often fail to notice that our world is in High Definition. The textures and colors around us are alive and powerful.

Look at the world now with new eyes, as if you’ve opened them for the first time. Stay here for a minute.

Now bring your awareness back to breath. Let your mind settle and then slowly start to become aware of the sounds you are hearing. Perhaps you will immediately notice the sound of a clock, bird, or car outside that you didn’t notice only a moment earlier. Listen to the richness of these sounds and stay here for a minute.

Notice as much as you possibly can and practice “no preference”. Just simply observe the beauty around you without thoughts, interpretations, or labeling. Practicing this in the park can be extremely pleasurable as well. Feel free to take a break from work today and do this practice again.

Now set your timer for 5 minutes or more and practice alternating from breath to sight back to breath and then to sound meditation.


Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Candice Marley

Candice is a holistic health practitioner, holistic nutritionist & master herbalist. Her specialty is helping individuals to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions through natural ways of eating, consistent exercise, healthy stress management practices, balanced ways of living, daily juicing and a scientifically proven traditional herbal blend. She is the creator of the Raw Vitality Total Health Transformation program. Raw Vitality is a 30-day holistic health program that addresses all the key areas of health for individuals to get and stay healthy naturally in an easy to follow step-by step supported format.

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