What Does It Mean If I Have A Lot Of Morning Erections?

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Men's testosterone levels generally peak during the early hours of the day, especially 6 to 8 am. This rush of testosterone is what gets men in the mood and results in an erection. This is a valid sign to indicate a man's sexual health and hormonal balance. It is also an indicator of whether the sexual mechanism is working well.

Men generally experience their highest daily blood levels of testosterone or a surge in testosterone in the early hours of the day, precisely between 6 to 8 a.m. And since testosterone is one of the primary hormones that helps put men in the mood, it gives erection to the penis.

Determining the maximum hormone release is an important piece of information in assessing a man’s sexual health.

Moreover, morning erections is a good indicator to see if the machinery and the circuits to the sexual mechanism is working well.