Magical Herbs To Improve Sexual Health In Women

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Stress and hectic lifestyle may contribute to waning sexual desire in women. Diminishing libido, stress can be remedied with powerful herbs to restore excitement and satisfaction in your sex life. Damiana, Brazilian Ginseng, Maca Root, Catuaba, Ashwagandha Root are great aphrodisiacs. Apart from diet and exercise these herbs can rev up your sexual appetite.

Stress, work and busy schedules may be contributing to waning sexual desire among women. Whatever the cause may be, it is important to address the situation as a healthy sex life can actually reduce stress and improve relationship with your partner.
Apart from diet and exercise the following herbs can be taken to rev up your sexual appetite-

Ashwaganda Root: This herb is potent enough to increase blood flow to the clitoris to ignite the sexual passion and experience.
Maca root: High inj iron and zinc content, this herb balances hormones and highly stimulates sexual desire. Studies report increased desire and satisfaction in women who consumed this powerful herb.
Muira Puama: Rightly called the ‘’Potency Wood’’ for its aphrodisiac properties, this potent herb brings about heightened levels of desire and surge in libido- also in post-menopausal sex.
Avena Sativa: This wonder herb is found to have testosterone releasing properties. It frees bound testosterone and increases vaginal stimulation.
Catuaba: Regular use is said to create erotic dreams, increased desire and orgasmic intensity.
Damiana: The leaf of Turnera diffusa or Damiana, is a valued libido enhancer.
Brazilian Ginseng: Also called Suma Root,it increases estradiol-17beta- the primary estrogen hormone in females. Consume for heightened pleasure and satisfaction. and overall sexual health.
Tribulus Terresteris: Guaranteed to trigger androgen receptors in the brain, resulting in increased responsiveness to sexual hormones.
Tongkat Ali: Its weight loss and libido enhancing properties earned it the title- the greatest natural aphrosidiac.