25 Easy Low-Carb Snacks For Weight Loss

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Try these low-carb snacks guilt-free. Consume hard boiled eggs, kale chips, carrot sticks, nuts, air-popped popcorn, meatballs, chicken wings, avocado, peanut butter; roasted chickpeas, guacamole, tuna, and beef jerky. You can also combine broccoli with melted cheese, bananas with melted dark chocolate, pears with cheese and strawberries dipped in Greek yoghurt.

Snacks keep hunger at bay and fuel the body when you’re on a calorie deficit. But eating high carb snacks can hinder weight loss and even lead to bingeing.

So I’ll share high-protein and low-carb snacks that are good for weight loss and your health. Now, you don’t have to be on a low carb diet to eat these snacks – they are for everyone who wants to eat healthily.

25 Low Carb Snacks

1. Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are the perfect snack for someone who wants lose weight or build muscle. They’re easy to prepare and will increase your daily protein intake. Not to forget that they can last in the fridge for 3 to 4 days if peeled and a week if in the shell.

Unless you’ve been advised by a doctor not to eat egg yolk, don’t remove it. Even though the yolk is high in cholesterol, studies1 show that ingested cholesterol doesn’t affect blood cholesterol. The egg yolk contains essential minerals and vitamins.

Learn how to hard boil eggs properly2.

1 boiled egg contains 76 calories.

2. Banana And Melted Dark Chocolate

If you’re craving something sweet eat banana and dark chocolate. Slice the banana into pieces then dip them in the melted dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is very nutritious, research shows it lowers blood pressure and reduces risk of heart disease. But it should be consumed in moderation due to its high calorie content. Bananas are rich in antioxidants, potassium, fiber and a few other nutrients.

1 banana and 10 grams of dark chocolate add up to about 170 calories.

3. Strawberries With Greek Yoghurt

Put Greek yoghurt in a bowl then mix it with strawberries – slice the strawberries into pieces.

Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Greek yoghurt is rich in proteins, healthy fats, calcium and low in carbs. And it’s very filling.

100 grams of plain Greek yoghurt and 8 strawberries adds up to about 90 calories.

4. Apple

Apples are one of the healthiest fruits you can ever eat. They’re tasty, rich in fiber, low in calories and have lots of health benefits.

If you’re feeling lazy or don’t have time to prepare something, raw apples can keep the hunger at bay.

1 raw medium-size apple contains 93 calories.

5. Kale Chips

If you want to stop eating potato chips, kale chips are the perfect substitute food. They are rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Avoid using a lot of oil or salt while baking them.

A serving of kale chips contains 50 calories.

6. Carrot Sticks

Carrots are a great snack choice, they rich in minerals, vitamins and low in fat and calories. You can eat them raw, roasted or fried. They can also be eaten with a variety of dips.

1 large raw carrot stick contains 31 calories.

7. Pear And Cheese

Try to enjoy seasonal fruits when they’re in season. Pears are very filling and have numerous health benefits. Adding cheese to the pear will make it tastier and add calcium to the body.

Slice a pear in to pieces and eat it with a light cheese stick.

1 medium size pear and 1 ounce cheese stick contain 180 calories.

8. Broccoli And Melted Cheese

Broccoli is low in calories and rich essential vitamins and minerals. Steam it over simmering water for 3 minutes to make it soft then put it in melted cheese.

Here’s a broccoli and cheese recipe3 you might want to try.

100 grams of broccoli and melted cheese add up to about 120 calories.

9. Nuts

Nuts make great snacks, especially raw tree nuts like walnuts, almonds and cashews. They are filling, rich in protein, unsaturated fats, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Nuts are perfect snacks if you don’t have time to prep meals. Just make sure you eat them in moderation.

1 kernel of almonds contains 7 calories.

10. Edamame

Roasted edamame will curb your cravings and increase protein intake. Just heat them up for a few minutes and enjoy your snack.

In fact, edamame contains folate, a component known to improve mood. How’s that for a snack?

68 grams of edamame contain 100 calories.

11. Stuffed Mushrooms

This study4 found that substituting red meat with button white mushrooms enhances weight loss. Another study5 shows that consumption of mushrooms was associated with better eating habits in adults.

Mushrooms are loaded with a lot of essential nutrients. If you’d like to eat mushrooms, try this mouth-watering recipe6.

60 grams of stuffed mushrooms has about 113 calories.

12. Air-popped Popcorn

Even though popcorn are high in carbs, you can enjoy this snack every now and then. In fact, it will give you small amounts of protein.

Popcorn is also rich in fiber and takes longer to chew which gives the brain time to register that you’re full. Air-popped calories are low in calories – adding oil to the popcorn will increase the calorie content.

30 grams of air popped popcorn contain about 110 calories.

13. Meatballs

You can make meatballs while doing your meal prepping and store them in the fridge. They’ll increase your protein intake and reduce hunger.

2 pieces of meatballs with tomato sauce add up to 80 calories.

14. Roasted Chickpeas

These beans are rich in fiber and protein. Additionally, research by Canadian medical association journal shows that eating chickpeas regularly lowers LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels.

Roasting chickpeas is quite simple, mix them with olive oil, salt and pepper, then put them in an oven preheated to 420 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

50 grams of chickpeas contain 100 calories.

15. Turkey And Cheese

A slice of low-fat cheese and a roll of preservative-free deli turkey will make an excellent high-protein snack.

2 turkey slices and 1 light cheese stick add up to about 124 calories.

16. Pickles

Pickles are a good substitute for high calorie carbs like chips and crackers. Make sure you check the labels because the carb levels seem to vary.

A cup of dill pickles (23 slices, 5.5 ounces) contains only 19 calories.

17. Peanut Butter

This is the perfect snack if you’re busy or travelling. It’s has few grams of carbs, and good source of fats and protein.

2 table spoons of natural peanut butter contain about 45 calories.

18. Protein Shake

If you don’t get enough protein from whole foods, a protein shake will you help reach your protein goal. Make sure you pick the right protein powder, there’s so much trash in the market.

A scoop of whey protein (25 grams) has about 100 calories.

19. Chicken Wings

Grilled chicken wings are will give you protein and fats. Eating the chicken without the skin makes a huge difference in calories.

A small chicken wing with skin contains 81 calories.

Remove the skin and you’re left with 34 calories only – that’s less than half the calories in the wing with skin.

20. Grapes

This is another good alternative if you crave something sweet. Grapes contain sugars and they’re a good source of vitamin C and vitamin K. But be careful is you choose to snack on grapes – they’re easy to overeat and high in calories.

1 grape contains 2 – 3 calories.

21. Avocado

Avocado will help you increase daily dietary fat intake. But eat it in moderation due to its high calorie content.

A half avocado contains about 160 calories.

22. Hummus And Cucumber

These nutrient dense foods should definitely be in your diet. Just make sure you don’t add any fatty ingredients when preparing them.

Here’s a recipe7 you can try.

1 cucumber and a ¼ cup of hummus add up to about 150 calories.

23. Guacamole And Veggies

Guacamole pairs well with most vegetables. Sliced cucumbers, cauliflower or broccoli are great guacamole dippers.

2 teaspoons of guacamole and a cup of sliced cucumbers add up to about 66 calories.

24. Tuna

Tuna is perfect for muscle growth or fat loss – it’s high in protein and has zero carbs. When buying canned or pouch tuna, make sure it’s mercury -free.

A can (5.8 ounces) of tuna has 191 calories.

25. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is rich in proteins and iron. Note that some beef jerky brands contain high levels of sodium. Look for an organic, all-natural without preservatives like sugar and sodium.

Look for beef jerky from grass-fed beef because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. And don’t snack on it every day due to its high calorie content.

100 grams of beef jerky contain about 430 calories.

Final Word

At first, you may not find these snacks delicious if you’re used to eating processed foods but with time you’ll learn enjoy them. And as time goes by you’ll find ways to make them tastier.

What other low carb snacks do you enjoy?

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Brian Syuki

Brian Syuki is a fitness expert who teaches people how to get leaner and healthier using bodyweight exercises and proper nutrition.

Brian Syuki

Brian Syuki is a fitness expert who teaches people how to get leaner and healthier using bodyweight exercises and proper nutrition.