Is Your Liver Toxic? How to Cleanse It Naturally?

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Big Pharma giants constantly barrage us with media coverage on why cholesterol, diabetes and cancer are fatal. Even gyms and fitness regimes focus on cardio to ensure our heart can bear the rigors of everyday life and keep us safe from heart diseases and failure.

Liver: Body’s detox organ.

No debating the fact that if the heart fails there is nothing that you can do, but not at the expense of ignoring other important organs like the liver and kidneys. Considering the toxic “junk food” waste that we dump into the body, the sheer load that these “cleansers” are subjected to is enormous. Fortunately nature has provided ways to not only nourish but replenish and detox the organs through proper (sattvic) diet.

Learn why the liver is supremely vital to keep toxins in check and control vital processes in the body. Check out these articles that will help you appreciate and nurture this super organ:

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