Is ayurveda effective for diabetes?

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Answered by Curejoy Expert

The modern aspect of diabetic management is healthy diet, yoga, pranayam and ayurvedic medicine.

In Ayurveda, diabetes is known as ‘Prameha’ which means profuse urination. According to the doshas, these are classified as

  1. Vataj prameha
  2. Pittaj prameha
  3.  Kaphaj prameha

It is also believed that increased kapha blocks the channel of the urinary system and pancreas and is responsible for producing low tissue fire or mandh-dhatu agni which results in malformation of all the tissue in body.

Treatment will vary based on type of Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) and on stage of diabetes (early stage and those whose organs have already been affected). The first phase of Ayurveda treatment for diabetes is known as Shodhana, which will remove the bad fat that gets concentrated in the cells. The treatment Thakradhara with medicinal whey, is effective in reducing the weakness in the body, itching and reduce insulin medications. Njavarakkizhi is effective for diabetes patients who have lost weight and Udharthana treatment is effective for obese patients.

Turmeric and gooseberry are very effective in the treatment of diabetes, according to ayurvedic books such as Ashtangahridayam, Bhavaprakasham and Rajanigandu. They not only help reduce the amount of sugar in the blood but also prevent cells from decaying. It is also found that bitter gourd juice and fenugreek reduce the amount of glucose in the blood. Regular consumption of bitter gourd juice and gruel mixed with fenugreek powder is also found effective. Chewing curry leaves and drinking its juice are also good.

Practicing yoga asanas like Mundukasan, Surya Namaskar, Pavanmuktasan, Utthanpadasan, ArdhMatsyendrasana, Bhujangasan, Paschimothanasana, Shalbhasan in conjunction with Ayurverdic treatments brings immediate and long lasting results.