Importance Of Spirituality In Everyday Life

Importance Of Spirituality In Everyday Life

Importance Of Spirituality In Everyday Life

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Importance Of Spirituality In Your Life

Feeling connected to something “bigger” than you can give your life a sense of meaning. Believe that "things happen for a reason", it will keep you stay positive. When things don’t go your way, let go of the disappointment as soon as possible. Start believing and accept that someone is in control and working out an unseen plan.

Does being “spiritual” matter in daily life? Does it make any impact on whether you are happy and successful? Yes, it does.

Research shows over and over that if you cultivate a warm, loving connection with the Divine and with a community of like-minded people, it makes a huge difference in the quality of your life.

Why Being “Spiritual” Matters In Daily Life?

Feeling Connected

One primary difference is in your mindset and emotional state. Feeling connected to something “bigger” than you, gives your life a sense of meaning. You don’t feel alone or isolated anymore.

Letting Go

It also gives you hope if you believe that “things happen for a reason”. When things don’t go your way, you are able to let go of the disappointment much faster when you accept that someone is in control and working out an unseen plan.

Spirit Of Truth

I often encourage my clients to connect with the Spirit of Truth. I have learned from personal experience how powerful this is. The Spirit of Truth reveals Reality to you – you see things clearly in your life and in your relationships. This allows you to make better, wiser decisions. It reduces your confusion, discouragement and gives you a sense of direction and purpose. I love the Spirit of Truth. [Exercises for connecting with the Spirit of Truth are in my books.]

I also make sure I am connected with my spirit daily. I practice “breathing with God”. It helps me to stay grounded. Do you know that if you practice being grateful for 21 days it changes the way your brain is wired? It helps you to become a more positive person. Try it out!

Spirituality Keeps You Real

Being spiritual and cultivating a close connection with the Divine does matter. People who do it are happier and have a sense of purpose. Some of my clients have asked me to help them cultivate their spirituality. It’s one of my favorite things. I can’t imagine life without spirituality, can you? It’s like the difference between watching an old black and white movie versus a movie in color on HDTV. You owe it to yourself to try it out – you won’t believe the big difference it makes.

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Sandy Walker

Most of my life, people have been coming to me to help them solve their problems. And I've been doing that - by listening, by giving them feedback, by providing a safe place for them to "think out loud" and by giving them insight into WHY they are doing what they are doing - and most importantly how to make changes in their life that will make them happier. After I completed my Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling, I decided to pursue Life Coaching professionally. I LOVE to help people. Seeing people change their lives for the better is so amazing to watch! And it happens so quickly! Most of my clients see big changes within just 4 sessions. I love watching the transformation - it is beautiful to see someone become truly happy and fulfilled.

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