Hypnobirthing And Visualization For A Better Birth

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Labor is all about expecting what you don’t expect. Every labor is unique and there’s no one approach to manage those contractions. Using your breath and visualization for a better birth is a good way to manage labor. Hypnobirthing is a way to manage labor pain by relaxing yourself completely and by practicing breathing. The contractions are described as waves or surges in hypnobirthing.

In hypnobirthing, you will be trained to focus your breathing until you have hypnotized yourself into a state of deep relaxation. You must be aware of your facial and body relaxation. When you are in the first stage of labor, they help you draw open the circular muscles of the cervix. The contractions or surges ripple through your uterus like powerful waves. The deep relaxation helps your muscles to work their way. Trusting the body is very important and allowing them to do what they are meant to also helps during labor.

Breathing Techniques

In Hypnobirthing, with some mind-body techniques, you can experience the natural birth with more control and less pain than other methods. During labor, women usually tend to get tense and it’s natural. Labor can be overwhelming and it’s important to learn some relaxation and breathing techniques.

Here’s how to do the slow and birth breathing.

Slow Breathing

  • You should always remember to rest your tongue behind the bottom front teeth to ensure there is no tension in your jaw region.
  • Imagine you are filling an inner balloon while you slowly breathe in as long as you could go and slowly breathe out through your nose directing your energy.
  • Slow breath in and a slow breath out.

Birth Breathing

This breathing is also breathing in and breathe out through the nose. Take a quick breath in and a long breath out. With breathing the baby out technique, you work with the body’s own natural expulsive reflex. Remember, your body wants to push the baby out naturally.

While practicing this method, you may also feel like the muscles in your stomach are flexing a bit as you breathe out. Practice it on the loo while you are relieving your stomach so you will get to acquaint yourself with the sensations of breathing down and relaxing the tension in your pelvic area.


Visualize yourself on an inflatable air mattress (Lilo) in the ocean and the waves lapping underneath you – this feels like surges. You completely relax every muscle in your body and feel loose. The rhythmic rise and fall of the waves are hypnotic. You trust your body. Feel the waves hit you and the energy of the wave too. Just go into the hypnotic phase where you feel totally relaxed while your body goes through labor with ease.

Your tension and fear could affect the baby and the birthing process, try to focus and remain calm. Hypnobirthing skills such as breathing, visualization, relaxation, affirmation and self-hypnosis help you remain focused and calm during pregnancy, labor and birth.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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