How Each Zodiac Sign Will Act In A Meaningful Relationship

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Meaningful relationships can be hard to come by, but once we are in one, we don’t want to look back. A good partner is hard to come by, and it may take anywhere from an hour to a day to even just a week to feel strongly about a person. Once the die is cast, we only look forward and want to make the effort to maintain a relationship. A meaningful relationship is entirely different to something like casual dating, and has the power to change us profoundly in many ways. If you’re in a new relationship, or you’re looking to make that important move, here are some personality characteristics of each zodiac sign. This might help you to understand your partner a little bit better, and see if they can complement your personality:


  • An Aries will be the one to take initiative in the relationship, and can bring a lot of excitement and adventure. They are romantic by nature, but they will only show that side of themselves when they feel fully invested in someone. Once you’ve crossed into the other side though, you can be sure that surprises will be the new norm, and the romance and intimacy will be fulfilling for the both of you.



A Taurus values their relationship highly, and will go out of the way to make their partner happy. However, a Taurus is also quite sensitive, so criticism might be taken personally and they may feel attacked. Moreover, they can also be stubborn and a little difficult, so the right kind of communication is key when you’re with a Taurus.



A Gemini won’t settle down with just anyone in a relationship, so when you’re with one, you are certainly valued. They are funny and witty, so your conversations are going to be effortless. You might want to think of new ways together to bring more excitement into your lives, but too much change and excitement might overwhelm a Gemini so make sure to strike the right balance.



A Cancer knows how to love deeply, and you might have already figured this out within the first couple of months of being with them. They are easy to please and make sure to shower you with affection, so you’re going to have a great relationship, but you also need to make sure you return the love. Taking advantage of a Cancer’s love will only leave you stranded, as they won’t stand for being taken for granted.



A Leo wants to be the dominant one in the relationship, so they naturally seek out people who are more laid back and easy going about their strong personality. They want to be the center of attention most of the time, so they like their partners to be accepting of this. Their need for attention doesn’t mean that they don’t love though; and they can be wonderfully adventurous and loving as you get to know them better.



A Virgo doesn’t enjoy being a trophy or a side-piece for someone because they want to benefit their partner’s life. They want to feel needed by the other person, so they won’t commit until they are fully sure that their partner will value them. Even if it takes time to fully be in the relationship, a Virgo will be the greatest support and love for their partner once they are committed.



A Libra can go long period of being single because they are looking for their perfect partner. This means they aren’t afraid of being alone, which makes their quest for the right person quite important and sometimes difficult for the other person. Once they are committed however, they will bring a lot of excitement and happiness, and aren’t afraid to work hard to maintain a happy relationship.



Even though Scorpios are water signs, their relationships are fiery and passionate. They are deeply intimate, but only if they feel like they’ve found the right partner. They also want a partner that can handle them at their best and worst, and keeps up with them in all aspects of their life. Once they feel like they are with the right person, they will be the most loyal partners even when the passion isn’t as high as it used to be.



Freedom is extremely important for a Sagittarius, and they want a partner who will let them be without restrictions. They hate being tied down, and want a lot of adventure and movement in their life. They seek out partner who want the same kind of fast pace in their life, and won’t like anything less. They are also incredibly open minded, and let the other person be how they want without judgment.



A relationship with a Capricorn might be super slow because they never want to rush if they think the relationship is meaningful. For them, actions speak louder than words, so they might take time saying “I love you” even if they do. You can see their love and affection for you through the things they do for you though, and you can be sure that they will always mean what they say.



An Aquarius values deep conversations that carry substance, so they don’t want to be with people who can only make small talk. They want to use their brains, so they value a partner they can learn from every day. They value honesty above anything else, so they desire open and honest communication above all in a relationship.



A Pisces is generous and loving in a relationship, and is a naturally romantic person. They are deeply in touch with their emotions, so when they fall in love, they fall really hard. This means they will work hard to keep their partners happy, and will invest themselves completely in the relationship. The relationship you share with a Pisces will be one of the most meaningful in your life.

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