How Balancing Our Spiritual Energy Can Heal Us Of All Disease

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Vibration is at the base of our existence that manifests itself subjectively, at different frequencies and density. With this valuable and scientific fact in our minds, we can understand how much power we have over our own realities. We can change and influence our vibrations with our mere thoughts.

Each moment that we live through represents a decision. Given the fact that our lives are made out of moments, we must live happy lives by making the right decisions. And for that, when we are faced with such decisions, we must change the way we think.

Our Internal Energy Channels:

It’s quite simple, actually. Think of vibrations as channels – information travels through them, and they go out into the world. Our thoughts and feelings are this information – they are what we send out into the world, our contribution. This is the reason why it is very important to remain positive. When we have worries, when we are stressed out, we create a disturbed field of energy around us, which other people pick up, and they can be influenced by it. But when we are happy, we send out powerful feelings of compassion and peace, and when the world around you senses this, it becomes better.

Of course, it sounds easier than it is, right? To JUST be positive. How can one be optimistic and all that, when one has so many problems? Well, I think that we should try and solve these problems, instead of worrying about them or better rephrased: I think that we must address these problems with changed mentalities. If you feel that your world is not good for you, be part of the solution, not the problem! Be a source of good vibrations. Be good to those around you, help where you can, and your life will become easier.

Healing through Energy Balance:

Your body responds to your emotional state. If you can learn to heal your internal, spiritual body, your physical body will reward you nicely. Instead, we are used to healing ourselves exclusively externally, by modern medicine. You must understand that, by doing this, you are merely treating your symptoms, but not your cause. If you take a moment to look deeply within yourself, you will come to see that you are more than your flesh.

The video below will throw light on how we can understand our energy fields and crease out imbalances, blockages in these energy channels, using the power of our internal healing processes.