Homeopathic Remedies for Diabetes

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Homeopathy offers natural remedies for all kinds of diseases, including diabetes and treatment often lasts longer than regular treatments. It can take longer for effects of remedies to be noticeable.

Based on the idea that not only the organs an the body must receive treatment if a person is ill, but the entire personality, made up by the mind body and spirit, must be treated, homeopathic remedies are different for every single diabetes patient.

Usually a person with diabetes will have been diagnosed by a regular doctor first, and treatment with regular medication may have begun. Insulin resistance, causing cells to ignore any insulin produced by the pancreas, can be treated with natural remedies as well. The conventional treatment approach for diabetes type 2 is to increase exercise, adopt a healthy diet and possibly controlling blood pressure and cholesterol, after which a steady drop of the glucose (sugar) levels in the blood will be noticeable.

After a number of consultations to get a good picture of the patient his or her complaints the homeopathic practitioner will chose remedies fit for the individual, as symptoms and complaints linked to diabetes vary per person. The homeopathic treatment will have to be continued until the body starts to respond to the remedies and produces and uses insulin again.

It is impossible to predict what treatment will be right for you when it comes to homeopathy. An example of a remedy for diabetes is phosphoric acid, recommended mainly for diabetes patients who worry a lot and suffer from mental stress. An unquenchable thirst, passing large quantities of urine and boils are just a few symptoms of the kind of diabetes mellitus that this remedy is often prescribed for.

Tests and research have shown that homeopathy can be an extremely successful treatment method for diabetes in its early stages but a practitioner will always want to hear the diagnosis of a doctor too.